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A Story Club: Global Cultures: Fourth Political Theory”

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Is liberalism really liberal? Do liberals tolerate those who are truly different?

Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and many others saw very clearly the hypocrisy of liberalism with regards to race relations in the United States.

In India, where Hindus were liberal long before the ideology of liberalism existed, they also have criticized the hypocrisy and double standards of liberalism.

In Eastern Europe and the Muslim world, as well, they have experienced the devastating hypocrisy of “liberal” imperialism and “liberal” wars, while daily they pound the war drums against Russia and China, anxious to “free the world” of “tyranny”.

Throughout the Third World, and more recently even within the West itself, “neoliberalism” has relentlessly made the rich richer, made more people poorer and put them in deeper and deeper perpetual debt. How can we reclaim a truly liberal world, where all of us can live side by side in peace and prosperity, without imposing our values and worldviews on others?

Join me, Dr. Kirk Meighoo in a fascinating and insightful discussion with #AlexandrDugin, Russia’s greatest living philosopher, as we discuss his ideas and work on his important “Fourth Political Theory” on “A Story Club: Global Politics.