Fourth Political Theory (introduction, presentation, development)

The three main ideologies of the Twentieth century were:

1)  liberalism (Left and Right)

2)  communism (including both Marxism and socialism, along with social democracy)

3) fascism (including National Socialism and other varieties of the Third Way — Franco’s National Syndicalism, Perón’s ‘Justicialism’, Salazar’s regime, etc.).

The Fourth Political Theory is conceived as an alternative to postliberalism, but not as one ideological arrangement in relation to another. Instead, it is as an incorporeal idea opposed to corporeal matter; as a possibility entering into conflict with the actuality, as that which is yet to come into being attacking that which is already in existence.

At the same time, the Fourth Political Theory cannot be the continuation of either the second political theory or the third. The end of fascism, much like the end of communism, was not just an accidental misunderstanding, but the expression of a rather lucid historical logic. They challenged the spirit of modernity (fascism did so almost openly, communism more covertly. The Fourth Political Theory is a ‘crusade’ against: •     postmodernity, •     the post-industrial society, •     liberal thought realised in practice, •     and globalisation, as well as its its logistical and technological bases.

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Fourth Political Theory (introduction, presentation, development)
Fourth Political Theory (introduction, presentation, development)
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    Is liberalism really liberal? Do liberals tolerate those who are truly different?

    Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and many others saw very clearly the hypocrisy of liberalism with regards to race relations in the United States.

    In India, where Hindus were liberal long before the ideology of liberalism existed, they also have criticized the hypocrisy and double standards of liberalism.

    In Eastern Europe and the Muslim world, as well, they have experienced the devastating hypocrisy of “liberal” imperialism and “liberal” wars, while daily they pound the war drums against Russia and China, anxious to “free the world” of “tyranny”.

    Throughout the Third World, and more recently even within the West itself, “neoliberalism” has relentlessly made the rich richer, made more people poorer and put them in deeper and deeper perpetual debt. How can we reclaim a truly liberal world, where all of us can live side by side in peace and prosperity, without imposing our values and worldviews on others?

    Join me, Dr. Kirk Meighoo in a fascinating and insightful discussion with #AlexandrDugin, Russia’s greatest living philosopher, as we discuss his ideas and work on his important “Fourth Political Theory” on “A Story Club: Global Politics.

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    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

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    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 4. America


    19:09:24   От  Paideuma TV : Welcome dear participants of the conference!
    19:48:07   От  Daria Platonova : Hello to all participants !!
    19:49:20   От  Alexander Dugin : I greet all participants!
    19:49:52   От  Saurabh Shukla : Namste  to All Participants.
    19:50:08   От  Raphael Silva : Greetings! Good evening/afternoon!
    19:50:23   От  zurab makharadze : Greetings
    19:50:24   От  Jamal Wakim : Greetings to all, it is an honor for me to be amongst you 
    19:50:27   От  Maram Susli : Hi everyone Glad to be here
    19:50:32   От  Thomas Kretschman : Namaste Everyone. Its an honor to be here
    19:50:40   От  Sofia Metelkina : Hello!
    19:50:42   От  Alex Windlike : Greetings to everybody! Welcome!
    19:50:47   От  Ricardo Teixeira : Greetings from Brazil
    19:50:48   От  Alex Zurvan : Good evening and Namaste everyone 
    19:50:53   От  ARAKEN DE LIMA : Greetings to all participants with warm hugs from Brazil…
    19:51:03   От  Ejaz Akram : hello
    19:51:08   От  Minar Ahmad : Hello...
    19:51:10   От  Laurent JAMES : Greetings from Marseilles !
    19:51:17   От  Jafe Arnold : Greetings to all!
    19:51:22   От  Husham Fellaih : Greetings from Germany!
    19:51:32   От  Cezar Garzan : Greetings from Disunited States.
    19:51:42   От  Taras Chernienko : Hello everybody,  warmest greetings from Iran 
    19:51:45   От  J. Michael Springmann : Howdy, y'all.  Pleased to meet you electronically
    19:51:46   От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Greeting to all!
    19:51:47   От  eduardo hernando : Hola, bello from Perú
    19:51:48   От  Evgeny Nechkasov : Siberia online. Greetings for all. 
    19:52:03   От  Kirk Meighoo : Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean / West Indies
    19:52:10   От  Celil Aktaş : Greetings to everyone from Istanbul!
    19:52:14   От  Luca Siniscalco : Hi to everyone from Italy!
    19:52:14   От  Alexander Markovics : Vienna is online! Servus to alle! 
    19:52:29   От  Felicity Sharpe : Hello from Australia
    19:52:32   От  Dario Colombo : Hello to all participants. Good job everyone
    19:52:37   От  Moon Malcolm Rodrigo : Greetings from Brasil!
    19:52:50   От  José Francisco Herrera : Greeting from Costa Rica
    19:53:17   От  Maram Susli : Hi Felicity I’m here in Australia too!
    19:53:35   От  Julia Zhigalova : Hello to everyone from Spain! Hola a todos!
    19:53:40   От  Felicity Sharpe : Good work for waking up! :p
    19:53:49   От  José Francisco Herrera : hola
    19:53:54   От  Evgeny Vall : Greetings from Russia!
    19:54:11   От  Висенте Кинтеро : Привет всем из Венесуэлы!
    19:54:14   От  Carlos Mancini : Hola From Argentina
    19:54:19   От  Висенте Кинтеро : Я Витя @vicenquintero
    19:54:28   От  Jindrich Spilka : Hello and greetings from Czechia!
    19:54:29   От  Markku Siira : Greetings from Finland!
    19:54:58   От  Julia Krukovskaya : Добрый вечер!
    19:55:20   От  Donato Mancuso : Greetings from Italy. Glad to be here.
    19:58:19   От  Liviu Florea : greetings from London
    19:58:26   От  Fr. Kyril Kiradjiev : greetings from Bulgaria
    19:59:21   От  Antonio Cioffi : Greetings from Italy
    19:59:30   От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : Greetings from Brasil 
    19:59:47   От  Mads Jacobsen : Greetings from Poland
    20:00:51   От  Висенте Кинтеро : Good evening to all in Europe!
    20:01:46   От  Luca Siniscalco : Yes, thank you Professor, everything clear
    20:01:48   От  Jamal Wakim : Greetings Professor from Lebanon 
    20:01:56   От  Rahim Volkov : Thank you for the conference. 
    20:02:35   От  Sven Sydow : Greetings Prof. Dugin fromme Germany (Rostock)
    20:02:39   От  Василенко Владислав Сергеевич : Nice to meet you
    20:03:26   От  Alexander Markovics : Nice to meet you all! 
    20:03:52   От  Fr. Kyril Kiradjiev : God be with all of us!
    20:04:06   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Nice to mee you all
    20:04:14   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Hey, Syrian Girl is here, pretty dope tbh
    20:04:36   От  Saurabh Shukla : 100 People of One Mind and Action can Win the World. Mahabharata
    20:06:13   От  Alexander Dugin :
    20:07:59   От  Alexander Dugin :
    20:09:51   От  Alex Windlike : Dear friends! Welcome to our groups in Facebook:  Paideuma Multipolar - GRA news -
    20:12:08   От  Daria Platonova : and our analytical center -
    20:12:45   От  Liviu Florea : 天下
    20:14:28   От  Liviu Florea : Isn't postmodernism the logical conclusion of modernity, started with logos based philosophical systems, post-Socratic Platonism?
    20:18:56   От  Smaine DJELLA : greetings from ALGERIA
    20:24:18   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : I am here because I am a liberal (a socialist too, and, yes, the two do not exclude one another), and to me that means upholding freedom (individual and collective likewise), including freedom of speech. That is why I find it problematic that the word liberal is used as a slur here.
    20:24:53   От  Vavra Suk : Maybe you are libertarian?
    20:25:13   От  eduardo hernando : Yes Liviu, like Leo Strauss said in “Three waves of modernity”
    20:25:18   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : no, I know what I am. I am not confused
    20:25:33   От  Liviu Florea : Liberalism is the political ideology of international finance,
    20:25:51   От  Daria Platonova : Maybe we have different understanding of liberalism! In all cases we will understand it during the conference
    20:25:55   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : not according to rigorous study of political philosophy
    20:26:11   От  John Stachelski : Liber
    20:26:21   От  eduardo hernando : modern liberalism is individualism
    20:26:25   От  Sven Sydow : Left wing libertarian or right wing libertarian like Hans Hermann Hoppe?
    20:26:35   От  Висенте Кинтеро : They defend a new global culture
    20:26:47   От  Висенте Кинтеро : They don't endorse diversity
    20:26:56   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : like early, Orthodox Marxism (ending with Plekhanov)
    20:27:44   От  Daria Platonova : orthodox marxism is interesting
    20:27:58   От  Daria Platonova : there was Dostoevskiy’s orthodox socialism
    20:28:14   От  Rahim Volkov : We are living in the last stage of Liberalism. 
    20:29:17   От  Liviu Florea : Katerina Kolozova , please read critiques of liberalism from outside the liberal academic establishment: Leo Strauss, Carl Schmitt, Alain de Benoist, Matthew Raphael Johnson, etc. 
    20:29:52   От  Kirk Meighoo : the flaw of liberalism is that it does not understand the to be truly human, we must be part of groups, and that non-rationality is integral to human life, relations and community
    20:30:20   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : let's not steal Dugin's presentation. I will send you a link how I see it at the end
    20:30:27   От  Kirk Meighoo : yes
    20:32:51   От  Felicity Sharpe : Hey Jafe!
    20:35:31   От  Alexander Dugin :
    20:37:50   От  Luciano Zarur : Hi, people. Mr. Dugin, would you please talk about the capitalism crisis, mainly in US, that results in many coup in Latin America. It happened in Brazil, the largest country of the continent in continuous territory, today there is a puppet government submitted to President Trump and north-American alt-right values and policies.
    20:37:55   От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : now is his time, that's normal
    20:39:03   От  Alexander Dugin : KAterina Kolozova is philosopher close to Object Oriented Ontology. I am glad that she is here
    20:39:33   От  Raphael Machado : Luciano Zarur, today's conference will no be focused on Geopolitics, though some speakers may talk about some connected points. 
    20:39:39   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : not really OOO but close to speculative realism, so they say :-)
    20:39:58   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : thanks for the invite Aleksander 
    20:40:22   От  Висенте Кинтеро : Very clear, Jafe
    20:40:36   От  Alexander Dugin : i will make remarks during all conference
    20:42:12   От  Alexander Markovics : The security concept sounds good!
    20:42:50   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Sounds good
    20:43:03   От  Maram Susli : Hi Alejandro! Yes I’m glad to be here!
    20:43:23   От  Sven Sydow : Security concept is perfect.
    20:43:40   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Hey camarada Machado!
    20:43:47   От  Luciano Zarur : Thank you, Raphael Machado. Off course I know that. Are you Brazilian?
    20:43:55   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Boa sorte com sua palestra!
    20:43:59   От  Raphael Machado : Greetings, Vásquez! Viva La Patria Grande!
    20:44:06   От  Висенте Кинтеро : You are welcome, Jafe!
    20:44:18   От  Lucia De Giorgio : Thank you for this beautiful introduction!
    20:44:55   От  Lucia De Giorgio : Thank you from Italy
    20:45:05   От  Cristian Junior : Thank you from Brazil

  6. Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 4. America

    20:50:20               От  Luciano Zarur : Excellent, Pepe Escobar! In Duplo Expresso and abroad.
    20:51:38               От  Robson Santos Camara Silva : Excellente, Pepe.
    20:53:20               От  Liviu Florea : Destruktion, Kehre, Seyngeschichte
    20:55:20               От  zurab makharadze : we need alternative image of the future
    20:55:53               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Muy buena intervención Pepe
    20:57:06               От  Julia Zhigalova : Dear professor, how to start the process of deconstruction?  How to decolonize the countries from the modernity ?  How to come back on track?  
    21:00:36               От  Jafe Arnold : On the Noomakhia project:
    21:02:30               От  Luciano Zarur : That's the main point nowadays for people in Latin America. Esta es la pregunta más importante para nosotros Latinoamericanos. C'est la plus importante question pour l'Amerique Latine.
    От  Alex Windlike : Paideuma Multipolar - - You can find Prof. Dugin's lectures in English here
    21:10:21               От  Liviu Florea : God keep him in His care.
    21:19:39               От  José Damasceno : Greetings to everyone from Rio de Janeiro many thanks by the conference organization.  The main word occurs me is RESPECT.
    21:22:12               От  Alex Windlike : Dear friends! We propose you to get acquainted with Alexander Dugin's course of lectures dedicated to the 4th political theory that has been already delivered in multiple countries. Available on Paideuma TV:
    21:26:50               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Very interesing texts of Alexander Dugin - thank you for texts from
    21:27:19               От  Alex Windlike : And following this link you can find the course dedicated to Alexander Dugin's study of civilizations project exposed in 24 volumes of professor’s work “Noomakhia”
    21:27:52               От  Cezar Garzan : Economics as a concept did not necessarily exist until Renaissance. Signs of its inception occurred during Crusades with banking. Banking originated historically with Babylon, making it spiritually rejected by religions that existed since.
    21:29:04               От  Liviu Florea : Cezar Garzan the Renaissance was financed by the Banking families of the Italian cities of Florence, Venice, Genoa, Roma
    21:31:53               От  Cezar Garzan : I believe a great advantage for the success of the 4PT would be to reject usury. Adopting a spiritual foundation for economics, perhaps?
    21:32:43               От  Висенте Кинтеро : The Catholic Church rejected usury until the Commercial Revolution
    21:35:58               От  Kirk Meighoo : Welcome Syrian Girl! love your work!
    21:36:30               От  Daria Platonova : <3
    21:37:44               От  Alejandro Vásquez : @Cesar Garzan you can read our approach as Peruvians here, our attempt to answer the economic question.
    21:38:05               От  Cezar Garzan : Introducing Dasein in political theory, I believe, reestablishes the human being’s relation to the world as teleological ontology. This brilliantly rejects the post-industrial concept of psychology as it relates to Cartesian dualism—Man as determined by his participation in the world. Dasein reintroduces Man not as participant/observer, but as witness (Being-in-the-world).
    21:39:01               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Check it
    21:42:38               От  Cezar Garzan : I remember reading that the Iranian Revolution was the first historical attempt at the 4PT. Would fellow Iranians/Shiites agree?
    21:42:52               От  Rahim Volkov :
    21:43:00               От  Raphael Machado : Eugene Montsalvat wrote about it, Cezar Garzan. Great article.
    21:43:17               От  Raphael Machado : I have many contacts with the Shia community in Brazil, and they agree.
    21:44:09               От  Daria Platonova : thanks a lot for your speech!!
    21:44:44               От  Jeffrey Griese : Great summary. May I ask clarification on the book you mentioned, The Genocide of Nations. I missed the author’s name
    21:45:03               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech, Maram Susli!
    21:45:21               От  Husham Fellaih : ist the genesis of nations @jeffrey griese
    21:45:51               От  Jeffrey Griese : Ah, I see. Thank you!
    21:45:52               От  Thomas Kretschman : very informative speech Maram Susli. Thank you
    21:46:29               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Outstanding speech!
    21:46:56               От  Dario Colombo : Look at the Italian Manifest for the Fourth political theory at
    21:46:58               От  Maram Susli : The Genesis of Nations
    21:48:32               От  Alejandro Vásquez : From the Third Political Theory to the Fourth there is just a few steps, I came from the 3PT to the 4PT
    21:50:28               От  Maram Susli : Thank you guys ^.^
    21:50:36               От  Alexander Dugin : Thank You!!!
    22:09:25               От  Daria Platonova : Thank you, Zeinab!
    22:09:53               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Thanks, Zeinab! Great speech!
    22:10:15               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech and long live Hezbollah!
    22:10:26               От  Daria Platonova : long live Hezbollah!
    22:10:54               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : May God protect Hezbollah!
    22:11:11               От  Michael Millerman : Dasein-politics is an excellent experimental topic for developing a theory of multipolarity. Das Seyn Politische, fundamental political ontology, the political philosophy of another beginning. Also, “platonic political philosophy,” “political Platonism.” But access to philosophy is, as Heidegger says, “for the few, for the rare,” and it is easy to revert to more usual categories, the very ones 4pt wishes to overcome as a project. Still, the realm of dasein-politics at least is now formally indicated, which is an important step.
    22:12:15               От  Vittoria : Bravo Zeinab, THE BEST! We are all Lebanese and we all share your respect for Hezbullah
    22:21:06               От  Daria Platonova : Thank you!!
    22:21:17               От  Daria Platonova : and thanks a lot for your book
    22:21:17               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Lebanon is such a beautiful country!
    22:21:22               От  Cezar Garzan : Brilliant speech, Jamal!
    22:21:39               От  Jamal Wakim : Thank You Cezar
    22:23:02               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Let Africa speak and decide!
    22:23:19               От  Raphael Machado : Kemi Seba is great
    22:23:28               От  Alejandro Vásquez : This is going to be interesting
    22:23:31               От  Smaine DJELLA : Interesting speech Professor Jamal, especially the link between the "longue durée" of the geopolitics of Lebanon and the 4PT. congratulations
    22:23:57               От  Jamal Wakim : Thank You Dear Djella
    22:25:22               От  Evgeny Nechkasov : Let Africa free from any kind of global capital exploitation and Western&China colonialism.
    22:25:53               От  Maram Susli : I agree colonisation is globalisation
    22:27:08               От  Rahim Volkov : In my opinion globalisation is much worse than colonisation.
    22:28:00               От  Evgeny Nechkasov : Same things, parallel processes
    22:28:05               От  Antonio Pires : I agree with Kemi...This is the way..
    22:28:26               От  Luciano Zarur : It's not a true globalization but neo colonization that US and Europe imposes to Africa and South America.
    22:28:27               От  Cezar Garzan : Globalisation is the colonized anthropology.
    22:30:16               От  Raphael Machado : I'd say globalism is the next step in the development of capitalism, after imperialism as defined by Lenin. Just as imperialism, was the development of colonialism. Each new step is worse than the past step, though naturally there are many ways to interpret globalism.
    22:30:26               От  Laurent JAMES : It is the same « elite » which colonialized Africa (and Asia) and globalized Europe at XV-XVIth century.
    22:31:36               От  Rahim Volkov : Globalisation, Globalism and internationalism are grand crypto-Capitalist  and elitist strategies to enslave the world.
    22:33:01               От  Jamal Wakim : Africa will be the main the battleground between the Atlantic Bloc on one hand and Eurasia on the other hand, and I believe that freeing Africa will be the key to freeing the world from Globalization
    22:34:35               От  Alejandro Vásquez : It is interesting that he knows about the struggle of anti-globalism in South America, it would be interesting to have a conversation with him regarding on what he knows about it
    22:35:14               От  Raphael Machado : Also important that he's an African thinker who knows and says that BLM is fake
    22:35:28               От  Cezar Garzan : Dugin’s ethnosociology is an excellent source against global society by asserting ethnos, laos, as phenomenon.
    22:36:55               От  Sofia Metelkina : Kemi one love <3
    22:37:07               От  Andre Soares : Great speech Kemi
    22:37:13               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Great and interesting speech
    22:37:35               От  Alexander Markovics : A great call to war against Globalization! :D
    22:37:40               От  Antonio Pires : that's the key... great speech Kémi Séba.
    22:38:12               От  Zeinab Saffar : very powerful speech Kemi !
    22:38:51               От  Donato Mancuso : very great speech by Seba!
    22:39:24               От  Laurent JAMES : Thank you Zeinab !
    22:39:35               От  Raphael Machado : Thank you Zeinab!

  7. Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 4. America


    22:42:22               От  Cezar Garzan : Isn’t “left-wing 4PT” contradicting the basic assertions of 4PT as rejecting common political spectrum?
    22:45:07               От  Smaine DJELLA : I think that we are now living in a new type of globalizations. It is not possible to put all stages of the history of peoples and nations according to one vision and one "rational" explanatory theory of social and political change(s). The problem with neoliberal globalization is that it subjugates the "rest" by the logic of Center and Peripheries which contributes to dependency and colonialism. Therefore, I believe that the Third World countries and the vulnerable countries must defend their interests within the processes of the global economy by imposing new laws for the world that guarantee their interests and preserve cultural pluralism and create the multi-polarity as a world system.
    22:46:58               От  John Stachelski : Thanks everyone!
    22:47:36               От  John Stachelski : My position was 4pt viewed from the left, not left wing 4pt
    22:47:44               От  Jafe Arnold : Thank you, John!
    22:47:50               От  John Stachelski : It is a thought exercise
    22:47:58               От  Daria Platonova : Thanks, John!! Interesting view!
    22:48:32               От  Alexander Dugin : John was perfectly clear
    22:49:34               От  Clécio Pereira : Since the fourth political theory and tradition itself descend from the very idea of Absolute, the righteous way wouldn't be to elect ourselves as something inevitable, instead of a mere alternative? If by definition nothing can truly oppose such Absolute, then it seems to me quite necessary to think on how each step taken by liberalism, by globalization, can be turned, transfigured into our proper traditional interest. Am I seeing it wrong?
    22:52:06               От  Alexander Dugin : Since the fourth political theory and tradition itself descend from the very idea of Absolute, the righteous way wouldn't be to elect ourselves as something inevitable, instead of a mere alternative? something like that
    22:52:08               От  Liviu Florea : by mentality he's referring to philosophical conditioning?
    22:52:48               От  Liviu Florea : Married with children
    22:53:13               От  Jafe Arnold : Great, Tim! Thank you!
    22:53:33               От  John Stachelski : How's that?
    22:53:45               От  Smaine DJELLA : Deep speech Tim
    22:53:52               От  Matthew Thorn : Perfect, thanks John
    22:53:53               От  Clécio Pereira : Thank you, John!
    22:54:01               От  Clécio Pereira : Thank you too, Tim!
    22:54:08               От  Andre Soares : Thanks John and Tim
    22:54:18               От  Cezar Garzan : Good stuff, Tim!
    22:54:23               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Thank you, John!
    22:55:07               От  Alexander Dugin :
    22:57:30               От  Luciano Zarur : Thanks for remembering from Latin America. Gracias! Obrigado (Brazilian Portuguese)!
    22:59:42               От  Jamal Wakim : it was an honor being with you
    23:00:43               От  Alexander Markovics : Great closing sentence, Bobana!
    23:00:43               От  Jafe Arnold : A true hero!
    23:00:43               От  Antonio Pires : Thanks Bobana
    23:01:02               От  Sofia Metelkina : Bobana <3
    23:01:08               От  Cezar Garzan : Shame to the West!
    23:01:09               От  Nom Kaminski : Thank you Bobana.
    23:01:14               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech Bobana!
    23:01:14               От  Jafe Arnold : Mateusz Piskorski - 21st century Poland’s first political prisoner
    23:02:21               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Witaj, Mateusz!
    23:09:04               От  Alexander Dugin :
    23:10:20               От  Smaine DJELLA : Interesting speeches, thank you all
    23:17:54               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Thank you, everyone...Thank you for your understanding. Cornelius Kodreanu, Romanian patriot said a very great thing: "If I am left with one bullet and I have an enemy and traitor in front of me, I would use it to the traitor." Me, too.
    23:20:06               От  Nemanja Lakic : No to Microchips!
    23:20:54               От  Liviu Florea : Codreanu, yes. Codru- Romanian regional word for forrest, Codreanu= Forrester
    23:25:24               От  Cezar Garzan : Never forget Serbian victims of NATO and Ustaše massacres!
    23:25:41               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Thank you, Raphael! God bless you!
    23:26:12               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Thank you, dear Cezar Garzan!
    23:26:22               От  Raphael Machado : Long live Serbia and Down with NATO
    23:26:23               От  Antonio Pires : Thanks Vittoria.
    23:26:38               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech by princess Vittoria too.
    23:26:45               От  Smaine DJELLA : Thank you Miss Vittoria
    23:26:49               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : Thanks a lot princess Vittoria
    23:27:03               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Great speech, princess Vittoria
    23:27:04               От  Cezar Garzan : Wonderful speech, Vittoria! Thank you, insightful Princess!
    23:27:29               От  Daria Platonova : Grazie Mille, Vittoria!
    23:27:47               От  Rahim Volkov : Thank you Princess Vittoria for the great speech.
    23:27:52               От  Julia Zhigalova : fantastic Vittoria.  I totally agree with you.  From Spain
    23:27:55               От  Pepe Escobar : Vittoria Regina. Thank you, especially to all of you, Women Warriors, Bobana, Syrian girl, Zeinab. Gotta go now. Thank you all. Keep fighting.
    23:28:22               От  Jafe Arnold : Thank you for your presence and thoughts here, Mr. Escobar!
    23:28:26               От  Nemanja Lakic : Vittoria you are very smart woman <3
    23:28:33               От  Carolina Barrocas : Very touching. She has touched very important issues.
    23:28:53               От  Raphael Machado : Thank you Pepe Escobar, from 4PT Brazilian militants of Nova Resistência!
    23:28:59               От  Donato Mancuso : Grazie Vittoria!
    23:29:01               От  Nom Kaminski : Grazie Vittoria!
    23:29:21               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Grazie Vittoria!
    23:29:30               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Thanks Pepe Escobar
    23:33:29               От  Antonio Pires :
    23:33:32               От  Luciano Zarur : Conferences in Spanish and French are very important too. Thanks for remembering us from South American, Dr. Dugin. Hugs from this Brazilian professor that knows about this meeting by great journalist and analyst Pepe Escobar in Duplo Expresso channel and website.
    23:35:48               От  Alexander Dugin : thank you
    23:37:40               От  Daria Platonova : merci!!
    23:37:43               От  Raphael Machado : Amazing speech
    23:37:46               От  Antonio Pires : Thanks for speech Laurent
    23:37:59               От  Jafe Arnold : Parvulesco is one of the true mysterious geniuses of the 20th century
    23:38:06               От  Jafe Arnold : Thank you for the insight!
    23:38:11               От  Cezar Garzan : Thank you, Laurent, for such an informative speech!
    23:39:58               От  Smaine DJELLA : c'est intéressant professeur Laurent de citer  cette secrète guerre contre la religion (christianisme)  et les traditions européennes.  
    23:40:16               От  Alexander Dugin :
    23:42:05               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Alexander the Great, of Serbian origin, thank you!
    23:42:10               От  Nom Kaminski : Vraiment intéressant professeur Laurent… La guerre a commencé avec la revolution française...
    23:42:42               От  Laurent JAMES : « The enemy we all face is the worldwide conspiracy against the Virgin Mary ». Jean Parvulesco
    23:42:59               От  Alexander Dugin : Othmar Spann, one of the inspiring authors for 4PT -
    23:43:14               От  Alexander Dugin : Estates!!!
    23:43:28               От  Matthew Thorn : Thanks Professor
    23:43:29               От  Alexander Dugin : Great author
    23:43:30               От  Nom Kaminski : Merci.
    23:45:18               От  Jafe Arnold : His circle in Vienna was closely tied to the early Traditionalists. In fact, the positive term “Traditionalism” for the current first emerged from an author from Spann’s circle.
    23:45:32               От  Alexander Dugin : Adam Müller
    23:45:40               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : "Bitte blockiere mich nicht". Echter serbischer Geist - immer vorausdenken ... Danke, lieber Alexander!!!
    23:46:03               От  Alexander Dugin : Estates - oratores, bellatores, laboratores
    23:47:21               От  Donato Mancuso : it’s a pleasure to listen to Alexander Markovics. I agree with him 100%
    23:48:21               От  Raphael Machado : I liked Markovics' speech very much. Almost no one remembers Spann and there's not much info about his thoughts in the internet
    23:48:48               От  Antonio Pires : thanks for speech Alexander Markovics
    23:49:13               От  Daria Platonova : Thank you!!
    23:49:46               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Orazio Maria Gnerre is also a great Italian political scientist
    23:49:48               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Agree, Raphael! Alexander introduced important things to everyone, worldwide...
    23:57:43               От  Michael Tombros : is the problem individualism or Atlanticism? we had individualism in Athens of the classical period
    23:57:57               От  Liviu Florea : gelassenheit?
    23:58:42               От  Smaine DJELLA : Thank you so much Luca for interpreting the philosophy of subject and object in the perspective of 4PT.
    23:59:35               От  Daria Platonova : grazie mille!!
    23:59:42               От  Jafe Arnold : Grazie mille! amazing.
    23:59:53               От  Raphael Machado : It was excelente. Very important to connect Dugin, Heidegger and Evola.
    00:00:35               От  Donato Mancuso : very important speech by Luca Siniscalco
    00:01:05               От  Antonio Pires : thanks for speech Luca
    00:01:23               От  Liviu Florea : Ко је Србин и српскога рода,
    и од српске крви и колена,
    а не дош'о на бој на Косово,
    не имао од срца порода,
    ни мушкога ни девојачкога!
    Од руке му ништа не родило,
    рујно вино ни пшеница бела!
    Рђом капо док му је колена!
    00:03:15               От  Nemanja Lakic : Слава!
    00:03:32               От  Luca Siniscalco : Yes, I wanted to mention Gelassenheit. It is also interesting that this term comes in Heideggerian Philosophy from Meister Eckhart and his mystic work.
    00:03:58               От  Luca Siniscalco : Thank you all for the attention and the generous words.
    00:05:35               От  Alexander Dugin : Gelassenheit is very important
    00:06:56               От  Luca Siniscalco : Michael Tombros: individualism and Atlanticism are the same on anthropological and geopolitical levels. In Ancient Greek there was nothing similar to the individualism that was born in modernity.
    00:07:21               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Cheers, Liviu Florea!
    00:07:52               От  Michael Tombros : thank you Luca and thank you for the great talk
    00:08:50               От  Daria Platonova : thank you, Vavra!
    00:08:58               От  Antonio Pires : thanks you Vavra
    00:09:17               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Yes, Raphael, thank you for your remark, that is essential! Heidegger and Professor Dugin at first. By mind, thoughts and language... ))

  8. Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 4. America

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe

    Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 4. America


    00:11:20               От  Alexander Dugin : Springmann, J. Michael (2014). Visas for Al Qaeda; CIA handouts that rocked the world: an insider's view. Washington, DC: Daena Publications
    00:11:29               От  Alexander Dugin : Springmann, J. Michael (2017). Goodbye, Europe? Hello, chaos? : Merkel's migrant bomb. Washington, DC: Daena Publications LLC
    00:11:38               От  Alexander Dugin : Springmann, Michael J. (1972). American-Russian economic relations, 1943-1947 (M.A. thesis at 'Catholic University of America')
    00:14:26               От  Liviu Florea : Similar proposals about dividing Europe between Russia and Germany proposed recently by George Friedman, founder of Stratfor. He continues into the lines of classical atlanticist geopolitical school
    00:15:18               От  Jeffrey Griese : invade the world, invite the world
    00:15:33               От  Jafe Arnold : Thank you very much!
    00:15:41               От  Daria Platonova : thanks a lot!
    00:15:54               От  Antonio Pires : thank  J. Michel
    00:16:10               От  Alexander Markovics : Very inspiring speech, thank you!
    00:17:09               От  Smaine DJELLA : Thank you Michael 
    00:17:26               От  Matthew Thorn : Great speech Michael. Checking out now at 07:00 from Australia. Greetings to all
    00:17:40               От  eduardo hernando : we hope so Mr. Dugin
    00:17:52               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Yes
    00:18:25               От  Andre Soares : Yes
    00:18:52               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Greetings from Nova Resistência in Brazil!
    00:19:22               От  ISAQUE SANTS : Greetings from Nova Resistência Brazil.
    00:19:45               От  Lucas Leiroz : Greetings from Nova Resistência in Brazil!
    00:19:48               От  Donato Mancuso : brazilian Nova Resistência is a very important reality in Latin America
    00:19:54               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : Hello Raphael, greetings from Sao Paulo
    00:19:55               От  Augusto Fleck : Greetings from Nova Resistência in Brazil!
    00:19:57               От  João Oliveira : Greetings from Nova Resistência Brasil
    00:20:04               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Camaradas do Brasil
    00:20:05               От  Andre Soares : Greetings from Nova Resistência Brasil
    00:20:22               От  Fabiano Batista : Greetings from Brazil
    00:20:32               От  Denis Owa : greetings from Brazil!!
    00:20:39               От  Cristian Junior : greetings from Brazil too
    00:21:58               От  Adalberto Nietzsche Melo : Greetings from Brazil!
    00:23:03               От  Antonio Pires : a big hug to all Brazilian brothers, and Latin Americans.
    00:23:19               От  João Silvério : Greetings from Brazil!
    00:23:41               От  Alexander Dugin : like Peron
    00:23:41               От  João Oliveira :
    Nova Resistência Brasil is the most important 4PT organization in Latin America
    00:23:53               От  Alexander Dugin : in Argentine
    00:24:23               От  Alexander Dugin : trabalhismo
    00:25:37               От  Cezar Garzan : Nicolás Gómez Dávila is another incredibly important South American thinker for the future of South America.
    00:25:54               От  eduardo hernando : Our roots in South America are  Imperial and premodern  (Incas and the Habsburg)
    00:26:09               От  Cezar Garzan : Borges too.
    00:26:12               От  Augusto Fleck : as well as the great Alberto Buela!
    00:26:28               От  Liviu Florea : coffee and Ayrton Senna
    00:26:32               От  Luca Siniscalco : I agree. The Italian scholar Franco Volpi called N.G. Dávila  properly: the Nietzsche of Bogotà.
    00:26:36               От  Antonio Pires : gustavo barroso and plínio salgado also have great ideas involving brazil.
    00:27:04               От  Alexander Dugin : folk catholicism!
    00:27:14               От  Diego Pinheiro de Menezes : Brazil is also a larger slaghterhouse of poor people
    00:27:19               От  Alexander Dugin : theology of people
    00:27:22               От  Clécio Pereira : Brazil is a macrocosmic crossroad
    00:27:41               От  Michael Tombros : more like Orthodoxy
    00:27:42               От  Celil Aktaş : Like Santa Muerte of Mexico
    00:28:34               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Maria Lionza of Venezuela
    00:29:17               От  Cezar Garzan : South American sobornost!
    00:30:40               От  Cristian Junior : Thats is an important thing
    00:30:40               От  Michael Tombros : we need this synthesis
    00:30:48               От  Cristian Junior : We need this synthesis
    00:30:54               От  Alexander Dugin : extremely important
    00:31:07               От  Laurent JAMES : Very very interesting speech !
    00:31:20               От  eduardo hernando : South America should be the katechon against nihilism
    00:31:39               От  João Oliveira : Supreme synthesis!
    00:31:40               От  Antonio Pires : thanks for your speech Machado
    00:31:48               От  Daria Platonova : Thank you!
    00:31:52               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Great speech, Machado!
    00:32:02               От  Alexander Markovics : Very interesting speech, thank you!
    00:32:04               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : thanks for the speech Raphael!
    00:32:13               От  Thomas Kretschman : Thank you Raphael. Very important and great speech
    00:32:14               От  Luca Siniscalco : Thank you for the great speech. Go further with your important project.
    00:32:23               От  Carolina Barrocas : Brazil is strategic in South America, unfortunately education (or lack of) has player an important role. thanks, Raphael
    00:32:33               От  eduardo hernando : well done Raphael
    00:33:01               От  Smaine DJELLA : It's great here to hear about "Brazilians are right in Values and leftists concerning economy" , I think it's an important idea to approach some Arab world political mouvements . Thank you Raphael
    00:33:14               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : "Myth does not belong to the past!" ..." Sacred dimension is always here.," Thank you, dear Alexandr Gelyevich!
    00:33:25               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Great speech, Raphael Machado.
    00:33:41               От  Cristian Junior : Just a few people in Brazil know the Social Letter From the Church... The left militance just ignore this important document
    00:34:15               От  Cristian Junior : And they think they are inventing the circle
    00:34:45               От  Laurent JAMES : "Brazilians are right in Values and leftists concerning economy" : it is the exact opposite of the globalist « elite », which is economically far-right and socially far-left !
    00:35:08               От  Cristian Junior : Yes, this is true
    00:35:16               От  Carolina Barrocas : Exactly
    00:37:06               От  Alexander Dugin :
    00:37:08               От  Carolina Barrocas : Brazilians tend to be in essence conservatives when it comes to behaviour and somehow left when it comes to social services. the thing is that this social services is desired until the second page, if it benefits the poorer, medium class tend not to support it.
    00:37:32               От  Michael Tombros : true
    00:38:42               От  Michael Tombros : the globalists will tell us we should all become like that!
    00:41:29               От  Alexander Dugin : epistemologically  sovereignty
    00:44:57               От  Laurent JAMES : Thank you very much !
    00:44:58               От  Ricardo Nuno : very interesting this gentleman from Trinidad
    00:45:02               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech
    00:45:17               От  abhinav singh : great
    00:45:24               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Interesing speech.
    00:45:26               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : Thanks a lot Kirk Meighoo! Great speech
    00:45:28               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Great speech
    00:45:42               От  Fabiano Batista : Very good speech
    00:45:43               От  Carolina Barrocas : exactly
    00:46:10               От  Raphael Machado : It's true, all of us in Latin America have this spirituality that's a kind of "folk catholicism", with elements of yoruba spirituality, amerindian spirituality
    00:46:38               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : "Epistemological sovereignty!" Bravo, Alexandr Gelyevuch!
    00:48:00               От  Andre Soares : Only the FPT can unite different peoples, with different points of view, for defeat the liberalism
    00:48:26               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : that's true, Andre Soares
    00:48:28               От  Laurent JAMES : Exactly, no other solution
    00:49:53               От  Raphael Machado : Saludos a Peru desde Brasil!
    00:50:06               От  eduardo hernando : gracias!
    00:51:05               От  Arthur Pavezzi : ¡Saludos a Peru!
    00:52:30               От  eduardo hernando : Like Haya de la Torre, however they belong to the second wave of modernity (romanticism)
    00:54:35               От  eduardo hernando : Luis A. Flores Union Revolucionaria
    00:56:16               От  Lucia De Giorgio : Thank you for the huge and inspiring amount of contents of this great conference! Hoping for a series of conferences in different languages, in order to involve more and more people.
    00:56:22               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Totally unexpected
    00:56:28               От  Raphael Machado : Jajajajajajaj
    00:56:36               От  Raphael Machado : It was excellent!
    00:56:55               От  eduardo hernando : muy bien
    00:57:06               От  Raphael Machado : Very good speech. Nova Resistência and Centro de Estudios Crisolistas are the vanguarda!
    00:57:42               От  Alexander Dugin : I think here are Colombians very active
    00:57:58               От  Alexander Dugin : and in Argentine peronistas
    00:58:12               От  Raphael Machado : Yes!
    00:58:20               От  Raphael Machado : Vanguarda Nacional Republicana
    00:58:23               От  Raphael Machado : Revista Nomos
    00:58:29               От  Alexander Dugin : exactly
    00:58:39               От  eduardo hernando : Nomos: Filosofía y Estrategia in Argentina
    00:59:17               От  Alejandro Vásquez :
    00:59:54               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Many articles from Nomos (Argentina), Vanguardia Nacional (Colombia), Nova Resistenca (Brasil) and Centro de Estudios Crisolistas (Peru) are available here
    01:00:34               От  Alejandro Vásquez : All around 4PT, but the publication also has many other articles around the 2PT and 3PT which are able to lead to 4PT.
    01:03:09               От  Raphael Machado : Your site/blog is excellent
    01:03:18               От  João Oliveira : Greetings from Nova Resistência Brasil!
    01:03:53               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Greetings from Nova Resistência in Brazil!
    01:04:32               От  Carolina Barrocas : Greetings from Brazil!
    01:10:20               От  Hanna Björk : It's been very interesting to listen to everyone. Thank you all! <3
    01:10:20               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Great speech!
    01:10:34               От  Alejandro Vásquez : For articles in english translated from 4PT from Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia you can find them here mostly:
    01:10:35               От  Carolina Barrocas : thanks for the opportunity to join this event. we all learned a lot.
    01:10:35               От  Raphael Machado : It was an amazing experience
    01:10:36               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : Thanks a lot Dr Dugin!
    01:10:36               От  eduardo hernando : muchas gracias Mr. Dugin,
    01:10:37               От  Lucia De Giorgio : It definitely worked! Thank you very much!
    01:10:47               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Thank you! Profesor Dugin!
    01:10:54               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : that was a wonderful opportunity
    01:10:54               От  Laurent JAMES : Very impressive event, Pr. Dugin ! Maybe it is the dawn of something important !  Greetings from Marseilles to everyone !
    01:11:12               От  Augusto Fleck : a great experience!
    01:11:19               От  Raphael Machado : If someone wants to follow the Brazilian comrades work, here's our site:
    01:11:41               От  Antonio Pires : a continental connection
    01:11:42               От  Raphael Machado : And our Youtube channel:
    01:11:47               От  Alexander Markovics : It was a great conference! Thank you Prof. Dugin and everyone else taking part in the organization!
    01:12:06               От  João Silvério : Thank you ₩
    01:12:18               От  Edward C. Tolentino : Great conference with extraordinary speakers. Thank you and greetings from a Dominican in Miami.
    01:12:24               От  Husham Fellaih : Thank you very much/vielen dank, it was great
    01:12:49               От  Vanessa Guazzelli Paim : Wonderful to participate! Congratulations! Thank you all.
    01:13:19               От  Jafe Arnold :
    01:13:27               От  Jafe Arnold :
    01:13:32               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : I don't have enough words to describe how glad i'm feeling now, this conference was awesome, thanks a lot Prof. Dugin!
    01:13:36               От  Jafe Arnold :
    01:13:43               От  Jafe Arnold :
    01:13:56               От  Alex Windlike :
    01:14:44               От  Liviu Florea : Matthew Raphael Johnson,I recommend
    01:15:05               От  Jafe Arnold :
    01:15:06               От  Jafe Arnold :
    01:15:50               От  Raphael Machado : If someone wants to keep in touch, my FB:
    01:16:12               От  João Silvério : It was an honor to listen Professor Dugin and all the speakers!
    01:16:15               От  Mick Brooks : Thanks to Prof. Dugin and all of the other participants. This was a very interesting and thought provoking conference.
    01:16:30               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Thanks for the opportunity everyone!
    01:16:39               От  Висенте Кинтеро : I think we should discuss about the metaphysics of war
    01:16:57               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Yes Vicente, Metaphysics of War would be great
    01:16:58               От  Висенте Кинтеро : War is a very complex, deep and broad phenomenon
    01:18:20               От  Lucia De Giorgio : Great! Thank you very much Professor Dugin, from Friuli, Italy
    01:19:34               От  Liviu Florea : thank you professor
    01:19:35               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Thank you very much, Professor Dugin
    01:19:37               От  Husham Fellaih : Thank you Prof. Dugin
    01:19:39               От  Daria Platonova : thanks!
    01:19:39               От  Alejandro Vásquez : BASED
    01:19:46               От  Alexander Markovics : Thank you Professor!
    01:19:47               От  Antonio Pires : thanks for all!
    01:19:50               От  Raphael Machado : Hasta la Victoria!
    01:19:51               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Thanks!
    01:19:57               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : thanks everybody
    01:20:01               От  Augusto Fleck : Thank you, all! What a great day!
    01:20:02               От  Husham Fellaih : Thanks!
    01:20:04               От  Thomas Kretschman : Thank you Professor Dugin. Its an honor to be able to finally meet my hero of our struggle against liberal tyranny
    01:20:13               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Anyone can email me at
    01:20:16               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Long Live to NR!
    01:20:16               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : Hugs from Sao Paulo, Brasil
    01:20:17               От  Kirk Meighoo : Thank you for all your insight shared today.
    01:20:18               От  ISAQUE SANTS : Thank you, Professor Dugin!
    01:20:21               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Feel free to ask more questions unanswered
    01:20:23               От  ISAQUE SANTS : Hasta la Victoria!
    01:20:24               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Thanks everyone!
    01:20:26               От  Kirk Meighoo : I learned a lot.
    01:20:28               От  Alejandro Vásquez : HASTA LA VICTORIA!
    01:20:31               От  Dario Colombo : Thank a lot to all
    01:20:46               От  Celil Aktaş : Thank to all! Thank you Mr.Dugin for monitoring the conference!
    01:20:51               От  Luciano Zarur : Great conference! Very interesting debates with intellectuals from many countries and continents. We have to profound our contacts to fight against neoliberalism and neo colonialism in 21 century, in all global South, mainly in Latin America and Africa. Hugs from Rio de Janeiro.
    01:20:53               От  Adalberto Nietzsche Melo : Liberdade justiça Revolução
    01:21:17               От  João Silvério : Liberdade! Justiça! Revolução!
    01:21:29               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Liberdade! Justiça! Revolução!
    01:21:40               От  RICKSON VIEIRA SANTOS : Liberdade, Justiça! Revolução!
    01:21:43               От  Luciano Zarur : Viva la Patria Grande!
    01:21:55               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Thank you for all, thank you Mr. A. Dugin! It was truly wonderful conference.
    01:22:15               От  Carlos Mancini : I look forward to the next conference on Latin America in Spanish. It is a great idea to hold regional conferences.
    01:22:16               От  Evgeny Vall : Thaks to the wonderful speakers, for organization! Great!
    01:27:26               От  Paideuma TV : The conference is over!


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    4th Political Theory 第四政治理论 Introduction 引論

  16. Donald Trump and the Fourth Political Theory

    Aleksandr Dugin speaks to Luis Razo Bravo about the problems he has with Western liberals and about his proposal for a "Fourth Political Theory". Time Stamp: 00:00 -- Opening Quote by Dugin 01:09 -- Introduction to Dugin and the exchange 03:53 -- How Dugin feels about the threat of human extinction 07:10 -- Are we in a position to avoid human extinction? Liberals vs. conservatives. 11:43 -- The mistake of modernity from Dugin's perspective 18:43 -- The mistake of modernity from Razo's perspective 23:04 -- Dugin on Platonic ideas and the mistaken vision of Locke 25:17 -- Dugin on the Council of Trent, the Spanish scholastics, and Protestant rebellion 26:55 -- Dugin on Protestant Calvinism and the profit motive 27:45 -- Razo on the tension between Catholic south and Protestant north 28:38 -- The tension between Duginian Russia and Trumpian USA 31:28 -- Dugan on Biden and the progressives 33:15 -- Dugin on Trump as the new hope of revival in the US 36:20 -- Razo asks Dugin about his recommended sabotage of US culture 39:18 -- Dugin on Trump and the realization that half of US hates the other half 42:35 -- Razo asks about Dugin's "Fourth Political Theory" 45:56 -- Razo asks Dugin about the rising call for socialism in the US 48:25 -- Razo highlights Dugin's vision of unity between left and right anti-liberal causes 51:09 -- Razo asks Dugin for more specificity about this proposal (Heidegger's "Dasein") 55:05 -- Razo asks Dugin about leadership and Dugin says ideas are a priority 58:18 -- How to make philosophers kings and kings philosophers 59:59 -- Parting words from Dugin

  17. Presentation of Fourth Political Theory (English subtitles)

    Prof. Dugin explains the principles of the Fourth Political Theory.

  18. Fourth Political Theory: alternative to modern world

    Fourth Political Theory: alternative to modern world. Shakngkhai lecture. 2018.

  19. Three Political Theories and Three Horsemen of Apocalypse (L.Vasadze)

    Three Political Theories and Three Horsemen of Apocalypse (L.Vasadze)

    2d Chișinău Forum 2017

  20. Building True Multipolarity: The 4th Political Theory w/Aleksandr Dugin

    Building True Multipolarity: The 4th Political Theory w/Aleksandr Dugin

  21. Review: Last War of the World-Island by Alexander Dugin

    By virtue of physical location, Russia inherits a resolute role in global geopolitics. This explains why the United States and Russia cannot stop fighting because they have so many disputes in the latter’s periphery. Last War of the World-Island - Geopolitics of Contemporary Russia by Alexander Dugin expands on this notion and frames the American-Russian rivalry as a struggle between the sea and land power for global dominance.

  22. 'Liberalism Is Totalitarian' Alexander Dugin On Ideology, the USSR, & Multipolarity

    Alexander Dugin is Russian philosopher with a eclectic mixture of political beliefs from both ends of the political spectrum which oppose Western imperialism and liberalism. He also has consistently and actively supported the People's Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk since they broke away from Ukraine, following the fascist & western backed Euromaidan Coup d'etat of 2014.