Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction |

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction

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Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 4. America


19:09:24   От  Paideuma TV : Welcome dear participants of the conference!
19:48:07   От  Daria Platonova : Hello to all participants !!
19:49:20   От  Alexander Dugin : I greet all participants!
19:49:52   От  Saurabh Shukla : Namste  to All Participants.
19:50:08   От  Raphael Silva : Greetings! Good evening/afternoon!
19:50:23   От  zurab makharadze : Greetings
19:50:24   От  Jamal Wakim : Greetings to all, it is an honor for me to be amongst you 
19:50:27   От  Maram Susli : Hi everyone Glad to be here
19:50:32   От  Thomas Kretschman : Namaste Everyone. Its an honor to be here
19:50:40   От  Sofia Metelkina : Hello!
19:50:42   От  Alex Windlike : Greetings to everybody! Welcome!
19:50:47   От  Ricardo Teixeira : Greetings from Brazil
19:50:48   От  Alex Zurvan : Good evening and Namaste everyone 
19:50:53   От  ARAKEN DE LIMA : Greetings to all participants with warm hugs from Brazil…
19:51:03   От  Ejaz Akram : hello
19:51:08   От  Minar Ahmad : Hello...
19:51:10   От  Laurent JAMES : Greetings from Marseilles !
19:51:17   От  Jafe Arnold : Greetings to all!
19:51:22   От  Husham Fellaih : Greetings from Germany!
19:51:32   От  Cezar Garzan : Greetings from Disunited States.
19:51:42   От  Taras Chernienko : Hello everybody,  warmest greetings from Iran 
19:51:45   От  J. Michael Springmann : Howdy, y'all.  Pleased to meet you electronically
19:51:46   От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Greeting to all!
19:51:47   От  eduardo hernando : Hola, bello from Perú
19:51:48   От  Evgeny Nechkasov : Siberia online. Greetings for all. 
19:52:03   От  Kirk Meighoo : Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean / West Indies
19:52:10   От  Celil Aktaş : Greetings to everyone from Istanbul!
19:52:14   От  Luca Siniscalco : Hi to everyone from Italy!
19:52:14   От  Alexander Markovics : Vienna is online! Servus to alle! 
19:52:29   От  Felicity Sharpe : Hello from Australia
19:52:32   От  Dario Colombo : Hello to all participants. Good job everyone
19:52:37   От  Moon Malcolm Rodrigo : Greetings from Brasil!
19:52:50   От  José Francisco Herrera : Greeting from Costa Rica
19:53:17   От  Maram Susli : Hi Felicity I’m here in Australia too!
19:53:35   От  Julia Zhigalova : Hello to everyone from Spain! Hola a todos!
19:53:40   От  Felicity Sharpe : Good work for waking up! :p
19:53:49   От  José Francisco Herrera : hola
19:53:54   От  Evgeny Vall : Greetings from Russia!
19:54:11   От  Висенте Кинтеро : Привет всем из Венесуэлы!
19:54:14   От  Carlos Mancini : Hola From Argentina
19:54:19   От  Висенте Кинтеро : Я Витя @vicenquintero
19:54:28   От  Jindrich Spilka : Hello and greetings from Czechia!
19:54:29   От  Markku Siira : Greetings from Finland!
19:54:58   От  Julia Krukovskaya : Добрый вечер!
19:55:20   От  Donato Mancuso : Greetings from Italy. Glad to be here.
19:58:19   От  Liviu Florea : greetings from London
19:58:26   От  Fr. Kyril Kiradjiev : greetings from Bulgaria
19:59:21   От  Antonio Cioffi : Greetings from Italy
19:59:30   От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : Greetings from Brasil 
19:59:47   От  Mads Jacobsen : Greetings from Poland
20:00:51   От  Висенте Кинтеро : Good evening to all in Europe!
20:01:46   От  Luca Siniscalco : Yes, thank you Professor, everything clear
20:01:48   От  Jamal Wakim : Greetings Professor from Lebanon 
20:01:56   От  Rahim Volkov : Thank you for the conference. 
20:02:35   От  Sven Sydow : Greetings Prof. Dugin fromme Germany (Rostock)
20:02:39   От  Василенко Владислав Сергеевич : Nice to meet you
20:03:26   От  Alexander Markovics : Nice to meet you all! 
20:03:52   От  Fr. Kyril Kiradjiev : God be with all of us!
20:04:06   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Nice to mee you all
20:04:14   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Hey, Syrian Girl is here, pretty dope tbh
20:04:36   От  Saurabh Shukla : 100 People of One Mind and Action can Win the World. Mahabharata
20:06:13   От  Alexander Dugin :
20:07:59   От  Alexander Dugin :
20:09:51   От  Alex Windlike : Dear friends! Welcome to our groups in Facebook:  Paideuma Multipolar - GRA news -
20:12:08   От  Daria Platonova : and our analytical center -
20:12:45   От  Liviu Florea : 天下
20:14:28   От  Liviu Florea : Isn't postmodernism the logical conclusion of modernity, started with logos based philosophical systems, post-Socratic Platonism?
20:18:56   От  Smaine DJELLA : greetings from ALGERIA
20:24:18   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : I am here because I am a liberal (a socialist too, and, yes, the two do not exclude one another), and to me that means upholding freedom (individual and collective likewise), including freedom of speech. That is why I find it problematic that the word liberal is used as a slur here.
20:24:53   От  Vavra Suk : Maybe you are libertarian?
20:25:13   От  eduardo hernando : Yes Liviu, like Leo Strauss said in “Three waves of modernity”
20:25:18   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : no, I know what I am. I am not confused
20:25:33   От  Liviu Florea : Liberalism is the political ideology of international finance,
20:25:51   От  Daria Platonova : Maybe we have different understanding of liberalism! In all cases we will understand it during the conference
20:25:55   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : not according to rigorous study of political philosophy
20:26:11   От  John Stachelski : Liber
20:26:21   От  eduardo hernando : modern liberalism is individualism
20:26:25   От  Sven Sydow : Left wing libertarian or right wing libertarian like Hans Hermann Hoppe?
20:26:35   От  Висенте Кинтеро : They defend a new global culture
20:26:47   От  Висенте Кинтеро : They don't endorse diversity
20:26:56   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : like early, Orthodox Marxism (ending with Plekhanov)
20:27:44   От  Daria Platonova : orthodox marxism is interesting
20:27:58   От  Daria Platonova : there was Dostoevskiy’s orthodox socialism
20:28:14   От  Rahim Volkov : We are living in the last stage of Liberalism. 
20:29:17   От  Liviu Florea : Katerina Kolozova , please read critiques of liberalism from outside the liberal academic establishment: Leo Strauss, Carl Schmitt, Alain de Benoist, Matthew Raphael Johnson, etc. 
20:29:52   От  Kirk Meighoo : the flaw of liberalism is that it does not understand the to be truly human, we must be part of groups, and that non-rationality is integral to human life, relations and community
20:30:20   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : let's not steal Dugin's presentation. I will send you a link how I see it at the end
20:30:27   От  Kirk Meighoo : yes
20:32:51   От  Felicity Sharpe : Hey Jafe!
20:35:31   От  Alexander Dugin :
20:37:50   От  Luciano Zarur : Hi, people. Mr. Dugin, would you please talk about the capitalism crisis, mainly in US, that results in many coup in Latin America. It happened in Brazil, the largest country of the continent in continuous territory, today there is a puppet government submitted to President Trump and north-American alt-right values and policies.
20:37:55   От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : now is his time, that's normal
20:39:03   От  Alexander Dugin : KAterina Kolozova is philosopher close to Object Oriented Ontology. I am glad that she is here
20:39:33   От  Raphael Machado : Luciano Zarur, today's conference will no be focused on Geopolitics, though some speakers may talk about some connected points. 
20:39:39   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : not really OOO but close to speculative realism, so they say :-)
20:39:58   От  KATERINA KOLOZOVA : thanks for the invite Aleksander 
20:40:22   От  Висенте Кинтеро : Very clear, Jafe
20:40:36   От  Alexander Dugin : i will make remarks during all conference
20:42:12   От  Alexander Markovics : The security concept sounds good!
20:42:50   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Sounds good
20:43:03   От  Maram Susli : Hi Alejandro! Yes I’m glad to be here!
20:43:23   От  Sven Sydow : Security concept is perfect.
20:43:40   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Hey camarada Machado!
20:43:47   От  Luciano Zarur : Thank you, Raphael Machado. Off course I know that. Are you Brazilian?
20:43:55   От  Alejandro Vásquez : Boa sorte com sua palestra!
20:43:59   От  Raphael Machado : Greetings, Vásquez! Viva La Patria Grande!
20:44:06   От  Висенте Кинтеро : You are welcome, Jafe!
20:44:18   От  Lucia De Giorgio : Thank you for this beautiful introduction!
20:44:55   От  Lucia De Giorgio : Thank you from Italy
20:45:05   От  Cristian Junior : Thank you from Brazil

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Fourth Political Theory (introduction, presentation, development)

The three main ideologies of the Twentieth century were:

1)  liberalism (Left and Right)

2)  communism (including both Marxism and socialism, along with social democracy)

3) fascism (including National Socialism and other varieties of the Third Way — Franco’s National Syndicalism, Perón’s ‘Justicialism’, Salazar’s regime, etc.).

The Fourth Political Theory is conceived as an alternative to postliberalism, but not as one ideological arrangement in relation to another. Instead, it is as an incorporeal idea opposed to corporeal matter; as a possibility entering into conflict with the actuality, as that which is yet to come into being attacking that which is already in existence.

At the same time, the Fourth Political Theory cannot be the continuation of either the second political theory or the third. The end of fascism, much like the end of communism, was not just an accidental misunderstanding, but the expression of a rather lucid historical logic. They challenged the spirit of modernity (fascism did so almost openly, communism more covertly. The Fourth Political Theory is a ‘crusade’ against: •     postmodernity, •     the post-industrial society, •     liberal thought realised in practice, •     and globalisation, as well as its its logistical and technological bases.

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