Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa |

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

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Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 4. America

20:50:20               От  Luciano Zarur : Excellent, Pepe Escobar! In Duplo Expresso and abroad.

20:51:38               От  Robson Santos Camara Silva : Excellente, Pepe.

20:53:20               От  Liviu Florea : Destruktion, Kehre, Seyngeschichte

20:55:20               От  zurab makharadze : we need alternative image of the future

20:55:53               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Muy buena intervención Pepe

20:57:06               От  Julia Zhigalova : Dear professor, how to start the process of deconstruction?  How to decolonize the countries from the modernity ?  How to come back on track?  

21:00:36               От  Jafe Arnold : On the Noomakhia project:

21:02:30               От  Luciano Zarur : That's the main point nowadays for people in Latin America. Esta es la pregunta más importante para nosotros Latinoamericanos. C'est la plus importante question pour l'Amerique Latine.

От  Alex Windlike : Paideuma Multipolar - - You can find Prof. Dugin's lectures in English here

21:10:21               От  Liviu Florea : God keep him in His care.

21:19:39               От  José Damasceno : Greetings to everyone from Rio de Janeiro many thanks by the conference organization.  The main word occurs me is RESPECT.

21:22:12               От  Alex Windlike : Dear friends! We propose you to get acquainted with Alexander Dugin's course of lectures dedicated to the 4th political theory that has been already delivered in multiple countries. Available on Paideuma TV:

21:26:50               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Very interesing texts of Alexander Dugin - thank you for texts from

21:27:19               От  Alex Windlike : And following this link you can find the course dedicated to Alexander Dugin's study of civilizations project exposed in 24 volumes of professor’s work “Noomakhia”

21:27:52               От  Cezar Garzan : Economics as a concept did not necessarily exist until Renaissance. Signs of its inception occurred during Crusades with banking. Banking originated historically with Babylon, making it spiritually rejected by religions that existed since.

21:29:04               От  Liviu Florea : Cezar Garzan the Renaissance was financed by the Banking families of the Italian cities of Florence, Venice, Genoa, Roma

21:31:53               От  Cezar Garzan : I believe a great advantage for the success of the 4PT would be to reject usury. Adopting a spiritual foundation for economics, perhaps?

21:32:43               От  Висенте Кинтеро : The Catholic Church rejected usury until the Commercial Revolution

21:35:58               От  Kirk Meighoo : Welcome Syrian Girl! love your work!

21:36:30               От  Daria Platonova : <3

21:37:44               От  Alejandro Vásquez : @Cesar Garzan you can read our approach as Peruvians here, our attempt to answer the economic question.

21:38:05               От  Cezar Garzan : Introducing Dasein in political theory, I believe, reestablishes the human being’s relation to the world as teleological ontology. This brilliantly rejects the post-industrial concept of psychology as it relates to Cartesian dualism—Man as determined by his participation in the world. Dasein reintroduces Man not as participant/observer, but as witness (Being-in-the-world).

21:39:01               От  Alejandro Vásquez : Check it

21:42:38               От  Cezar Garzan : I remember reading that the Iranian Revolution was the first historical attempt at the 4PT. Would fellow Iranians/Shiites agree?

21:42:52               От  Rahim Volkov :

21:43:00               От  Raphael Machado : Eugene Montsalvat wrote about it, Cezar Garzan. Great article.

21:43:17               От  Raphael Machado : I have many contacts with the Shia community in Brazil, and they agree.

21:44:09               От  Daria Platonova : thanks a lot for your speech!!

21:44:44               От  Jeffrey Griese : Great summary. May I ask clarification on the book you mentioned, The Genocide of Nations. I missed the author’s name

21:45:03               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech, Maram Susli!

21:45:21               От  Husham Fellaih : ist the genesis of nations @jeffrey griese

21:45:51               От  Jeffrey Griese : Ah, I see. Thank you!

21:45:52               От  Thomas Kretschman : very informative speech Maram Susli. Thank you

21:46:29               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Outstanding speech!

21:46:56               От  Dario Colombo : Look at the Italian Manifest for the Fourth political theory at

21:46:58               От  Maram Susli : The Genesis of Nations

21:48:32               От  Alejandro Vásquez : From the Third Political Theory to the Fourth there is just a few steps, I came from the 3PT to the 4PT

21:50:28               От  Maram Susli : Thank you guys ^.^

21:50:36               От  Alexander Dugin : Thank You!!!

22:09:25               От  Daria Platonova : Thank you, Zeinab!

22:09:53               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Thanks, Zeinab! Great speech!

22:10:15               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech and long live Hezbollah!

22:10:26               От  Daria Platonova : long live Hezbollah!

22:10:54               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : May God protect Hezbollah!

22:11:11               От  Michael Millerman : Dasein-politics is an excellent experimental topic for developing a theory of multipolarity. Das Seyn Politische, fundamental political ontology, the political philosophy of another beginning. Also, “platonic political philosophy,” “political Platonism.” But access to philosophy is, as Heidegger says, “for the few, for the rare,” and it is easy to revert to more usual categories, the very ones 4pt wishes to overcome as a project. Still, the realm of dasein-politics at least is now formally indicated, which is an important step.

22:12:15               От  Vittoria : Bravo Zeinab, THE BEST! We are all Lebanese and we all share your respect for Hezbullah

22:21:06               От  Daria Platonova : Thank you!!

22:21:17               От  Daria Platonova : and thanks a lot for your book

22:21:17               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Lebanon is such a beautiful country!

22:21:22               От  Cezar Garzan : Brilliant speech, Jamal!

22:21:39               От  Jamal Wakim : Thank You Cezar

22:23:02               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Let Africa speak and decide!

22:23:19               От  Raphael Machado : Kemi Seba is great

22:23:28               От  Alejandro Vásquez : This is going to be interesting

22:23:31               От  Smaine DJELLA : Interesting speech Professor Jamal, especially the link between the "longue durée" of the geopolitics of Lebanon and the 4PT. congratulations

22:23:57               От  Jamal Wakim : Thank You Dear Djella

22:25:22               От  Evgeny Nechkasov : Let Africa free from any kind of global capital exploitation and Western&China colonialism.

22:25:53               От  Maram Susli : I agree colonisation is globalisation

22:27:08               От  Rahim Volkov : In my opinion globalisation is much worse than colonisation.

22:28:00               От  Evgeny Nechkasov : Same things, parallel processes

22:28:05               От  Antonio Pires : I agree with Kemi...This is the way..

22:28:26               От  Luciano Zarur : It's not a true globalization but neo colonization that US and Europe imposes to Africa and South America.

22:28:27               От  Cezar Garzan : Globalisation is the colonized anthropology.

22:30:16               От  Raphael Machado : I'd say globalism is the next step in the development of capitalism, after imperialism as defined by Lenin. Just as imperialism, was the development of colonialism. Each new step is worse than the past step, though naturally there are many ways to interpret globalism.

22:30:26               От  Laurent JAMES : It is the same « elite » which colonialized Africa (and Asia) and globalized Europe at XV-XVIth century.

22:31:36               От  Rahim Volkov : Globalisation, Globalism and internationalism are grand crypto-Capitalist  and elitist strategies to enslave the world.

22:33:01               От  Jamal Wakim : Africa will be the main the battleground between the Atlantic Bloc on one hand and Eurasia on the other hand, and I believe that freeing Africa will be the key to freeing the world from Globalization

22:34:35               От  Alejandro Vásquez : It is interesting that he knows about the struggle of anti-globalism in South America, it would be interesting to have a conversation with him regarding on what he knows about it

22:35:14               От  Raphael Machado : Also important that he's an African thinker who knows and says that BLM is fake

22:35:28               От  Cezar Garzan : Dugin’s ethnosociology is an excellent source against global society by asserting ethnos, laos, as phenomenon.

22:36:55               От  Sofia Metelkina : Kemi one love <3

22:37:07               От  Andre Soares : Great speech Kemi

22:37:13               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Great and interesting speech

22:37:35               От  Alexander Markovics : A great call to war against Globalization! :D

22:37:40               От  Antonio Pires : that's the key... great speech Kémi Séba.

22:38:12               От  Zeinab Saffar : very powerful speech Kemi !

22:38:51               От  Donato Mancuso : very great speech by Seba!

22:39:24               От  Laurent JAMES : Thank you Zeinab !

22:39:35               От  Raphael Machado : Thank you Zeinab!

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Fourth Political Theory (introduction, presentation, development)

The three main ideologies of the Twentieth century were:

1)  liberalism (Left and Right)

2)  communism (including both Marxism and socialism, along with social democracy)

3) fascism (including National Socialism and other varieties of the Third Way — Franco’s National Syndicalism, Perón’s ‘Justicialism’, Salazar’s regime, etc.).

The Fourth Political Theory is conceived as an alternative to postliberalism, but not as one ideological arrangement in relation to another. Instead, it is as an incorporeal idea opposed to corporeal matter; as a possibility entering into conflict with the actuality, as that which is yet to come into being attacking that which is already in existence.

At the same time, the Fourth Political Theory cannot be the continuation of either the second political theory or the third. The end of fascism, much like the end of communism, was not just an accidental misunderstanding, but the expression of a rather lucid historical logic. They challenged the spirit of modernity (fascism did so almost openly, communism more covertly. The Fourth Political Theory is a ‘crusade’ against: •     postmodernity, •     the post-industrial society, •     liberal thought realised in practice, •     and globalisation, as well as its its logistical and technological bases.

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