Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe |

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe

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Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 1. Introduction

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 2. Asia, Middle East, Africa

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 3. Europe

Congress on Fourth Political Theory (2020). Part 4. America


22:42:22               От  Cezar Garzan : Isn’t “left-wing 4PT” contradicting the basic assertions of 4PT as rejecting common political spectrum?

22:45:07               От  Smaine DJELLA : I think that we are now living in a new type of globalizations. It is not possible to put all stages of the history of peoples and nations according to one vision and one "rational" explanatory theory of social and political change(s). The problem with neoliberal globalization is that it subjugates the "rest" by the logic of Center and Peripheries which contributes to dependency and colonialism. Therefore, I believe that the Third World countries and the vulnerable countries must defend their interests within the processes of the global economy by imposing new laws for the world that guarantee their interests and preserve cultural pluralism and create the multi-polarity as a world system.

22:46:58               От  John Stachelski : Thanks everyone!

22:47:36               От  John Stachelski : My position was 4pt viewed from the left, not left wing 4pt

22:47:44               От  Jafe Arnold : Thank you, John!

22:47:50               От  John Stachelski : It is a thought exercise

22:47:58               От  Daria Platonova : Thanks, John!! Interesting view!

22:48:32               От  Alexander Dugin : John was perfectly clear

22:49:34               От  Clécio Pereira : Since the fourth political theory and tradition itself descend from the very idea of Absolute, the righteous way wouldn't be to elect ourselves as something inevitable, instead of a mere alternative? If by definition nothing can truly oppose such Absolute, then it seems to me quite necessary to think on how each step taken by liberalism, by globalization, can be turned, transfigured into our proper traditional interest. Am I seeing it wrong?

22:52:06               От  Alexander Dugin : Since the fourth political theory and tradition itself descend from the very idea of Absolute, the righteous way wouldn't be to elect ourselves as something inevitable, instead of a mere alternative? something like that

22:52:08               От  Liviu Florea : by mentality he's referring to philosophical conditioning?

22:52:48               От  Liviu Florea : Married with children

22:53:13               От  Jafe Arnold : Great, Tim! Thank you!

22:53:33               От  John Stachelski : How's that?

22:53:45               От  Smaine DJELLA : Deep speech Tim

22:53:52               От  Matthew Thorn : Perfect, thanks John

22:53:53               От  Clécio Pereira : Thank you, John!

22:54:01               От  Clécio Pereira : Thank you too, Tim!

22:54:08               От  Andre Soares : Thanks John and Tim

22:54:18               От  Cezar Garzan : Good stuff, Tim!

22:54:23               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Thank you, John!

22:55:07               От  Alexander Dugin :

22:57:30               От  Luciano Zarur : Thanks for remembering from Latin America. Gracias! Obrigado (Brazilian Portuguese)!

22:59:42               От  Jamal Wakim : it was an honor being with you

23:00:43               От  Alexander Markovics : Great closing sentence, Bobana!

23:00:43               От  Jafe Arnold : A true hero!

23:00:43               От  Antonio Pires : Thanks Bobana

23:01:02               От  Sofia Metelkina : Bobana <3

23:01:08               От  Cezar Garzan : Shame to the West!

23:01:09               От  Nom Kaminski : Thank you Bobana.

23:01:14               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech Bobana!

23:01:14               От  Jafe Arnold : Mateusz Piskorski - 21st century Poland’s first political prisoner

23:02:21               От  Krzysztof Karczewski : Witaj, Mateusz!

23:09:04               От  Alexander Dugin :

23:10:20               От  Smaine DJELLA : Interesting speeches, thank you all

23:17:54               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Thank you, everyone...Thank you for your understanding. Cornelius Kodreanu, Romanian patriot said a very great thing: "If I am left with one bullet and I have an enemy and traitor in front of me, I would use it to the traitor." Me, too.

23:20:06               От  Nemanja Lakic : No to Microchips!

23:20:54               От  Liviu Florea : Codreanu, yes. Codru- Romanian regional word for forrest, Codreanu= Forrester

23:25:24               От  Cezar Garzan : Never forget Serbian victims of NATO and Ustaše massacres!

23:25:41               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Thank you, Raphael! God bless you!

23:26:12               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Thank you, dear Cezar Garzan!

23:26:22               От  Raphael Machado : Long live Serbia and Down with NATO

23:26:23               От  Antonio Pires : Thanks Vittoria.

23:26:38               От  Raphael Machado : Great speech by princess Vittoria too.

23:26:45               От  Smaine DJELLA : Thank you Miss Vittoria

23:26:49               От  Elizandra Almeida da Silva : Thanks a lot princess Vittoria

23:27:03               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Great speech, princess Vittoria

23:27:04               От  Cezar Garzan : Wonderful speech, Vittoria! Thank you, insightful Princess!

23:27:29               От  Daria Platonova : Grazie Mille, Vittoria!

23:27:47               От  Rahim Volkov : Thank you Princess Vittoria for the great speech.

23:27:52               От  Julia Zhigalova : fantastic Vittoria.  I totally agree with you.  From Spain

23:27:55               От  Pepe Escobar : Vittoria Regina. Thank you, especially to all of you, Women Warriors, Bobana, Syrian girl, Zeinab. Gotta go now. Thank you all. Keep fighting.

23:28:22               От  Jafe Arnold : Thank you for your presence and thoughts here, Mr. Escobar!

23:28:26               От  Nemanja Lakic : Vittoria you are very smart woman <3

23:28:33               От  Carolina Barrocas : Very touching. She has touched very important issues.

23:28:53               От  Raphael Machado : Thank you Pepe Escobar, from 4PT Brazilian militants of Nova Resistência!

23:28:59               От  Donato Mancuso : Grazie Vittoria!

23:29:01               От  Nom Kaminski : Grazie Vittoria!

23:29:21               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Grazie Vittoria!

23:29:30               От  Arthur Pavezzi : Thanks Pepe Escobar

23:33:29               От  Antonio Pires :

23:33:32               От  Luciano Zarur : Conferences in Spanish and French are very important too. Thanks for remembering us from South American, Dr. Dugin. Hugs from this Brazilian professor that knows about this meeting by great journalist and analyst Pepe Escobar in Duplo Expresso channel and website.

23:35:48               От  Alexander Dugin : thank you

23:37:40               От  Daria Platonova : merci!!

23:37:43               От  Raphael Machado : Amazing speech

23:37:46               От  Antonio Pires : Thanks for speech Laurent

23:37:59               От  Jafe Arnold : Parvulesco is one of the true mysterious geniuses of the 20th century

23:38:06               От  Jafe Arnold : Thank you for the insight!

23:38:11               От  Cezar Garzan : Thank you, Laurent, for such an informative speech!

23:39:58               От  Smaine DJELLA : c'est intéressant professeur Laurent de citer  cette secrète guerre contre la religion (christianisme)  et les traditions européennes.  

23:40:16               От  Alexander Dugin :

23:42:05               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Alexander the Great, of Serbian origin, thank you!

23:42:10               От  Nom Kaminski : Vraiment intéressant professeur Laurent… La guerre a commencé avec la revolution française...

23:42:42               От  Laurent JAMES : « The enemy we all face is the worldwide conspiracy against the Virgin Mary ». Jean Parvulesco

23:42:59               От  Alexander Dugin : Othmar Spann, one of the inspiring authors for 4PT -

23:43:14               От  Alexander Dugin : Estates!!!

23:43:28               От  Matthew Thorn : Thanks Professor

23:43:29               От  Alexander Dugin : Great author

23:43:30               От  Nom Kaminski : Merci.

23:45:18               От  Jafe Arnold : His circle in Vienna was closely tied to the early Traditionalists. In fact, the positive term “Traditionalism” for the current first emerged from an author from Spann’s circle.

23:45:32               От  Alexander Dugin : Adam Müller

23:45:40               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : "Bitte blockiere mich nicht". Echter serbischer Geist - immer vorausdenken ... Danke, lieber Alexander!!!

23:46:03               От  Alexander Dugin : Estates - oratores, bellatores, laboratores

23:47:21               От  Donato Mancuso : it’s a pleasure to listen to Alexander Markovics. I agree with him 100%

23:48:21               От  Raphael Machado : I liked Markovics' speech very much. Almost no one remembers Spann and there's not much info about his thoughts in the internet

23:48:48               От  Antonio Pires : thanks for speech Alexander Markovics

23:49:13               От  Daria Platonova : Thank you!!

23:49:46               От  Висенте Кинтеро : Orazio Maria Gnerre is also a great Italian political scientist

23:49:48               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Agree, Raphael! Alexander introduced important things to everyone, worldwide...

23:57:43               От  Michael Tombros : is the problem individualism or Atlanticism? we had individualism in Athens of the classical period

23:57:57               От  Liviu Florea : gelassenheit?

23:58:42               От  Smaine DJELLA : Thank you so much Luca for interpreting the philosophy of subject and object in the perspective of 4PT.

23:59:35               От  Daria Platonova : grazie mille!!

23:59:42               От  Jafe Arnold : Grazie mille! amazing.

23:59:53               От  Raphael Machado : It was excelente. Very important to connect Dugin, Heidegger and Evola.

00:00:35               От  Donato Mancuso : very important speech by Luca Siniscalco

00:01:05               От  Antonio Pires : thanks for speech Luca

00:01:23               От  Liviu Florea : Ко је Србин и српскога рода,

и од српске крви и колена,

а не дош'о на бој на Косово,

не имао од срца порода,

ни мушкога ни девојачкога!

Од руке му ништа не родило,

рујно вино ни пшеница бела!

Рђом капо док му је колена!

00:03:15               От  Nemanja Lakic : Слава!

00:03:32               От  Luca Siniscalco : Yes, I wanted to mention Gelassenheit. It is also interesting that this term comes in Heideggerian Philosophy from Meister Eckhart and his mystic work.

00:03:58               От  Luca Siniscalco : Thank you all for the attention and the generous words.

00:05:35               От  Alexander Dugin : Gelassenheit is very important

00:06:56               От  Luca Siniscalco : Michael Tombros: individualism and Atlanticism are the same on anthropological and geopolitical levels. In Ancient Greek there was nothing similar to the individualism that was born in modernity.

00:07:21               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Cheers, Liviu Florea!

00:07:52               От  Michael Tombros : thank you Luca and thank you for the great talk

00:08:50               От  Daria Platonova : thank you, Vavra!

00:08:58               От  Antonio Pires : thanks you Vavra

00:09:17               От  Bobana M. Andjelković : Yes, Raphael, thank you for your remark, that is essential! Heidegger and Professor Dugin at first. By mind, thoughts and language... ))

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Fourth Political Theory (introduction, presentation, development)

The three main ideologies of the Twentieth century were:

1)  liberalism (Left and Right)

2)  communism (including both Marxism and socialism, along with social democracy)

3) fascism (including National Socialism and other varieties of the Third Way — Franco’s National Syndicalism, Perón’s ‘Justicialism’, Salazar’s regime, etc.).

The Fourth Political Theory is conceived as an alternative to postliberalism, but not as one ideological arrangement in relation to another. Instead, it is as an incorporeal idea opposed to corporeal matter; as a possibility entering into conflict with the actuality, as that which is yet to come into being attacking that which is already in existence.

At the same time, the Fourth Political Theory cannot be the continuation of either the second political theory or the third. The end of fascism, much like the end of communism, was not just an accidental misunderstanding, but the expression of a rather lucid historical logic. They challenged the spirit of modernity (fascism did so almost openly, communism more covertly. The Fourth Political Theory is a ‘crusade’ against: •     postmodernity, •     the post-industrial society, •     liberal thought realised in practice, •     and globalisation, as well as its its logistical and technological bases.

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