Radical Subject, traditionalism, metaphysics - audio chapters from Dugin's books

Radical Subject, traditionalism, metaphysics - audio chapters from Dugin's books


From Sacred Geography to Geopolitics - Alexander Dugin

Geopolitics as an “Intermediary” Science

Geopolitical concepts have long been the most important factor in modern politics. These concepts are based on general principles which allow one to readily analyze the situation of any country and any individual region. 

Prince Nikolai Trubetzkoy and his Theory of Eurasianism - Alexander Dugin

On April 16th, 1890, Nikolai Sergeevich Trubetzkoy, the great Russian thinker, linguist, and founder of the ideological movement of Eurasianism, was born. Trubetzkoy’s main idea was that Russia is not simply a European country, as the Russian Westernizers insisted, but a particular, separate civilization, the Russian World. This is the most important point.

On Speculative Realism - Alexander Dugin

Today we will devote ourselves to contemporary philosophy, more precisely speculative realism and object-oriented ontology. In my opinion, this is a very important issue.

We are Going Beyond the Horizon - Alexander Dugin

There are no borders for our actions. So when they say: “But where will you stop?,” it is right to respond: “We will not stop anywhere, we will never stop, because Eurasianism is an open philosophy.”

Being is More Primary Than Time - Alexander Dugin

The conservative strives to understand what in the historical process of a concrete narod [people] — in our case, Russia — was constant and invariable, what of that exists now, and what, correspondingly, will be in the future. 

The Fourth Political Theory and Heidegger’s Dasein - Alexander Dugin

The Fourth Political Theory rejects the capitalism, individualism and ‘religion of money’ within liberalism; in Communism, materialism, atheism, progressivism and the theory of class struggle; in fascism, all forms of racism, totalitarianism and the idea of the dominance of one culture over another.

Nationalism criminal fiction and ideological impasse - Alexander Dugin

Probably only few people paid serious attention to the fact that the Fourth Political Theory, which I adhere to, pays the most serious attention to the criticism of nationalism. Most striking is the criticism of liberalism and the rejection of Marxist dogma. But equally necessary and fundamental is the radical rejection of not just nationalism, but even the nation.