Daria Dugina: The Traditionalism, The Philosophy and The Russian World

Art by Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt, contemporary Russian artist. 


Compilation of texts and thoughts by Daria Dugina narrated in English, about The Traditionalism, The Philosophy and The Russian World and quotes from her book and poems, so that her soul will be remembered for all eternity.


World Premiere of the Scenic Cantata for Daria Dugina

World Premiere of the Scenic Cantata entitled Daria Dugina, created by Italian composer A. Inglese and performed by Italian musicians and singers E. Tsarenko, F. Armiliato, A. Rossano, G. Musillo, L. Di Ionna and M. Inglese.

The Poor Subject - Daria Dugina

Russian thought lives where night parts with the day, in the cold dusk of the Russian forest. There is no “Russian philosophy” as such, and such a thing could never come to be. Philosophy means touching upon secrets, upon what is concealed, and vertically ascending to the heavenly world beyond.

Post-politics vs. existential politics - Daria Dugina

The 20th century was a century of rivalry between three ideologies. Some managed to reign for several centuries (liberalism), others for decades and years (communism and national socialism). But their demise seems obvious to us. All three ideologies, daughters of the New Age philosophy, have left the space of politics. The era of modernity has come to an end.

The novel Laurus as a manifesto of Russian traditionalism - Daria Dugina

The novel-life, a 'non-historical novel' as the author Evgeny Vodolazkin (doctor of philology, specialist in ancient Russian literature) calls it, is a description of the destiny and inner development of Arseny the healer. After receiving medical training from his grandfather Christopher, Arseny enters life with all its complexities, temptations and trials.

The apophatic tradition: the theology of Dionysius the Areopagite - Daria Dugina

The work of the famous Christian theologian and mystic, whose writings have entered the Christian tradition under the name of Dionysius the Areopagite, is a unique phenomenon in the history of philosophical and religious thought. He has had an enormous influence on all Christian philosophy, eastern and western, and consequently on New Age philosophical thought in one way or another since the Middle Ages, where the Areopagitans played such an important role.

Is there a political philosophy in the Neo-Platonic tradition? - Daria Dugina

Friedrich Nietzsche, in his lectures on Greek philosophy, called Plato a radical revolutionary. Plato, in Nietzsche's interpretation, is the one who surpasses the classical Greek notion of the ideal citizen: Plato's philosopher becomes above religiosity, directly contemplating the idea of the Good, unlike the other two properties (war and artisans).

The Universe of Platonic Thought - Daria Dugina

We publish the talk by Daria Dugina, former researcher of Political Philosophy at Moscow State University, given during the 16th International Conference “The Universe of Platonic Thought” in St. Petersburg on August 28-30, 2018.

Metaphysics of War - Daria Dugina

Lecture by Daria Dugina at the Russian Student Club on 1 April 2021. Daria analyses the phenomenon of war from the perspective of Platonism, Neoplatonism and the subsequent philosophical tradition.

Pan-Africanism Today: From Neocolonialism to Multipolarity - Daria Dugina

Today, the African continent is a new center of confrontation with neocolonialism and foreign expansionism - especially French expansion.  And since the West's preferred method is to control countries through puppet governments, it is only through military coups that the system can be "broken", if only temporarily, by allowing a country to release the pressure of foreign and supranational structures.