1-st European Conference on Multipolarity (04.09.2023)

The goal-setting motive of our world online congress is the actualization of discussion on multipolarity on a European scale. 


Speech by Rainaldo Graziani at the European Conference on Multipolarity, September 4th 2023

Good day everyone. My name is Rainaldo Graziani, I'm Italian and I believe that my homeland is where people fight for the Idea. Together with many other Italian friends of professor Dugin, I am engaged in the dissemination of the multipolar vision and  - above all -  in the defence of the orthodoxy of the multipolar vision of Alexandr Dugin. Our commitment to convey a correct vision of the multipolar theory is also manifested through Art. Before and beyond the word, Art is a universal language.

Speech by Guy Mettan at the European Conference on Multipolarity

At the end of August, the BRICS meeting in Johannesburg ended with the decision to expand the group of the five founding members to eleven, including six new countries. At the beginning of September, the G20 meeting in New Delhi ended with a joint declaration reinforcing the point of view of the countries of the South and refusing to condemn Russia, as demanded by the West.