Political Philosophy

Political Philosophy is dedicated to the lectures, debates or congresses where the main toplic of the political thougnt and different traditions were dicussed


Interview with Gholamreza Avani

Interview of Alexandr Dugin with leading Iranian philosopher Gholamreza Avani on Henri Corbin, Martin Heidegger, Sohravardi, ibn Sina.

Alexandr Dugin. Lecture at Johns Hopkins University

США и Россия. Россия при Елицине и Путине. СССР и США. Лекция Александра Дугина в институте Джона Хопкинса. США, Вашингтон, 2005 (english)

About hybrid war

Professor Alexandr Dugin speaks about hybrid war. The opening seminar at European Center of Excellence for Counteracting Hybrid Threats, in Helsinki Finland (11th April 2017).