Review: Last War of the World-Island by Alexander Dugin

By virtue of physical location, Russia inherits a resolute role in global geopolitics. This explains why the United States and Russia cannot stop fighting because they have so many disputes in the latter’s periphery. Last War of the World-Island - Geopolitics of Contemporary Russia by Alexander Dugin expands on this notion and frames the American-Russian rivalry as a struggle between the sea and land power for global dominance.

Shanghai Dugin's Lecture 2 GEOPOLITICS 地缘政治

Lecture 2 (讲座二) GEOPOLITICS 地缘政治 Theories, concepts, schools, debates 理论, 概念, 学派,论争 The origins of Geopolitics Geopolitics studies relations and interactions of Spaces (Territories), States, Civilizations, Peoples, Economics The fundamental are State, Culture, People, Army, Economy to Space (Territory) relations Geopolitics was developed from Political Geography and Anthropogeography - Friedrich Ratzel (1844 – 1904) The State is considered living being - Rudolf Kjellen (1864 - 1922, ) Space i