M.Millerman Seminars on Noomakhia/4TP/Philosophy/Sociology

Millerman Talks is a show about Political Philosophy and Political Theory, hosted by Michael Millerman.

Topics include: Leo Strauss on the Noble Lie, Martin Heidegger's Philosophy of Another Beginning, Alexander Dugin and the Fourth Political Theory, Plato's Laws, Right-Wing Anti-Liberalism, and more.


Dugin for dummies

Michael Millerman on Alexander Dugin, Leo Strauss, Martin Heidegger - Jack Murphy Live Podcast


Introduction to Alexander Dugin's Noomakhia (4PT, Dasein, Nous)

An excerpt from my seminar on Alexander Dugin's Noomakhia series of books. In this excerpt, I discuss the relationship of Noomakhia to The Fourth Political Theory, Heidegger and the idea of the multiplicity of Daseins, and Dugin's view that "everything is Noomakhia." The seminar ran for four 90 minute sessions in August 2019.

Alexander Dugin vs. The Great Reset


Alexander Dugin wrote a book against the Great Reset. Here's my review of it, originally published at europeanconservative.com/reviews/the-great-awakening-vs-the-great-reset/