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Geopolitics & International Relations (introduction in China and elsewhere)

International Relations & Geopolitics 国际关系 和 地缘政治

Academic course of prof. Alexander Dugin (Alexander Dugin 教授的学术课程)

4 lectures (四个讲座) 1. International Relations (国际关系) 2. Geopolitics (地缘政治) 3. Multipolarity, unipolarity, hegemony (多极, 单极, 霸权) 4. China in IR, geopolitics, globalization, hegemony (国际关系中的中国,地缘政治,全球化,霸权)


Ethnosociology (methods, principles, doctrines)

Ethnosociology is  independent field of sociology, based on the analysis of transformation of societies and social systems — from the simplest one (ethnic group) to the most complex (civil society and post-society or post-modern society) rather than the technical application of sociological principles to the study of nationalities and ethnic groups. The first section describes the major sources and schools related to ethnosociology (sociology, anthropology, ethnology, cultural, social and structural anthropology, etc.), both foreign and Russian.