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From Sacred Geography to Geopolitics - Alexander Dugin

Geopolitics as an “Intermediary” Science

Geopolitical concepts have long been the most important factor in modern politics. These concepts are based on general principles which allow one to readily analyze the situation of any country and any individual region. 

Chinese lectures (Shanghai - Beijing)

International Relations & Geopolitics 国际关系 和 地缘政治

Academic course of prof. Alexander Dugin (Alexander Dugin 教授的学术课程)

4 lectures (四个讲座) 1. International Relations (国际关系) 2. Geopolitics (地缘政治) 3. Multipolarity, unipolarity, hegemony (多极, 单极, 霸权) 4. China in IR, geopolitics, globalization, hegemony (国际关系中的中国,地缘政治,全球化,霸权)