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Intervista ad Aleksandr Dugin un filosofo e politologo russo. Dugin ha stretti legami con il Cremlino e le forze armate russe, avendo servito come consigliere del presidente della Duma di Stato, Gennadiy Seleznyov, e del membro di spicco di Russia Unita, Sergei Naryshkin. Per questi motivi la stampa lo ha soprannominato "il Rasputin del Cremlino" e "l'ideologo di Putin" descrivendolo come suo consigliere o ispiratore filosofico.

Noomakhia (Three Logos and World Civilizations)

Noomahia project is based on the in-depth studies of cultures, philosophical systems, arts, religions and psychological features and characteristics of human civilizations.  It reviews ancient and modern, highly sophisticated and also the “primitive", from the highly technologically developed to those lacking the written language. The ultimate aim is to demonstrate and conclusively prove that no single culture can be regarded in hierarchical way (developed/under-developed, higher /lower, modern/premodern, civilized/savage and so on).

Europe: War Mechanism Launched

Greetings, you’re watching Dugin’s Guideline. Over the past few days in Europe, and most importantly in France and Germany, one terrorist attack, massacre, explosion, suicide-bomber, shooting, and hostage-taking has followed another.