Russia and Africa: The Contours Of A Multipolar World And The Ideology Of Traditionalism

Participants from Russia, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, and other African countries will discuss the contours of the coming multipolar world, the role of Russia and Africa in its formation, as well as the ideological foundations of the traditional alternative to liberalism based on the Fourth Political Theory for Somalia in particular and Africa as a whole.

Questions to be discussed:

• Africa as a civilizational pole of the coming multipolar world;
• The fourth political theory for Africa as an alternative to liberalism, communism and fascism;
• The ideology of traditionalism - as an alternative to the ideologies of Modernity;
• Somalia as one of the springboards for Russia's return to Africa: anti-Americanism and Soviet infrastructure;
• Concept of Metaphysical Government and African federalism;
• The great civilization of the World South and the black messianism.