Multipolar Forum: Section «Global South. Changes in the global architecture»

The "Global South. Changes in the global architecture" section, which took place on 26 February.

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Multipolar Forum: Section «Global South. Changes in the global architecture»
Multipolar Forum: Section «Global South. Changes in the global architecture»
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  1. Global South. Changes in the global architecture

    The "Global South. Changes in the global architecture" section, which took place on 26 February.

  2. The opening speech by Pepe Escobar to the participants of the session: «Global South. Changes in the global architecture»

    This introduction was presented at the «Global South. Changes in the global architecture» section, which took place on 26 February. The dissertation of Pepe Escobar with the special participation of Princess Vittoria Alliata di Villafranca as the co-host.

  3. Speech by Atul Aneja on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Atul Aneja (India) –  journalist and writer. The Strategic Affairs Editor at The Hindu newspaper.

  4. Speech by Zeinab Mehanna on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

     “The Global South Defying Moloch”  

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    What we are witnessing today is the revival of Moloch, a Canaanite deity associated in biblical sources with the practice of child sacrifice. The destructive force and system that demands, particularly of children is embodied in Gaza by the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu the modern- age version of MOLOCH!  Today, we gather to address the urgent and distressing reality unfolding in the Global South, particularly in the occupied territories of Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq. The oppressive and relentless aggression from Israel’s brutal and undisciplined military has led to catastrophic consequences, leaving destruction, displacement, and loss of innocent lives in its wake.

    In occupied Palestine, the heart-wrenching numbers of casualties, surpassing 30,000 and 70,000 wounded, reflect the severity of the genocide being perpetrated since the 7th of October 2023. More than 80% of Gaza has been reduced to rubble, with the excuse of targeting Hamas freedom fighters. The indiscriminate bombing campaign using dumb bombs, bunker buster bombs, JDAMs have spared no civilian, no home, and no refuge. Those same bombs have targeted UNRWA sites, hospitals, schools, and other refugee camps leaving children and women either dying of injuries or of famine! Families now face two destinies: either a lifelong or PTSD or total eradication!     

    Lebanon, too, has faced the wrath of Israel's arrogance and hubris. White Phosphorus bombs and other American – made bombs rain down upon residential areas, claiming the lives of 177 innocent civilians and 171 wounded requiring hospitalization. Two hundred thousand people find themselves displaced in the south of Lebanon, victims of a conflict they did not choose.

    Along with Hamas, countries like Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq are collectively determined to end the settler colonial movement and defy oppression. The Axis of Resistance supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran have been attempting to change the laws of the game! Hezbollah and Amal Movement from Lebanon have been engaging in a tit for tat war with Northern Occupied Palestine offering more than 200 martyrs in an attempt to lift off pressure on Gaza.  Yemen, in a show of solidarity with Palestine, has taken a stand against Israeli aggression, preventing Israeli ships from entering the Red Sea in an effort to push for a ceasefire. In Iraq, forces are rallying against the American occupation, urging an end Israel’s support for ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

    This marks a pivotal moment in history, challenging the dynamics imposed by Israeli forces for the past 76 years! 

    We are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Zionist movement in the Middle East.  

    The unity among these three Arab and Muslim countries against Israel is a formidable force. The support these nations receive from Iran, underscores a collective determination to defy oppression. The common dominator among the latter nations is their belief in the defense of lands, families, values against aggression which was inspired by the epic battle of Karbala! 

    In support of the Palestinians in Gaza and in face of such adversity, the axis of resistance is aiming at making sure that "righteousness and justice will prevail at the end." And that can only be done by repressing the genocide and aggression committed by the Zionist movement in the occupied lands of Palestine.  

    As the whole world is witnessing the horrors inflicted upon our brothers and sisters, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to justice. The international community's peacekeeping attempts have faltered, hindered by the United Sates’ veto power at the UN. It is mindboggling how Russia can be sanctioned by the west, by NATO, and by the UN for its righteous conflict with Ukraine but turns a blind eye when it comes to Palestine and the Middle East! Moreover, and in spite of ICJ rejected Israel’s petition to throw out the case that was raised by South Africa, its troops kept on committing genocide and came short of ordering the ceasefire! 

     It is evident that peace can only be achieved through strength, unity, and unwavering determination. The global south is witnessing a major shift of power! The state of Israel will implode from within as the settlers from European origins and those from the west bank have nothing in common. The massive emigration of the European Zionists back to Europe will have its impact not only on the South but also on the European civilization. The microeconomic Israe is astoundingly failing as the number of people below the poverty line is increasing. The economic erosion of Israelis an indication of the disintegration of the Zionist project. And the India – Middle East – Europe trade corridor will collapse as it is trying to compete with China’s New Silk Roads. 

    Our collective voices will be a stern warning to the forces of oppression: we will not be silenced. We stand together, resilient and resolute, for the sake of justice, freedom, and a future where peace prevails. 

    Thank you.

  5. Speech by Peter Owiti on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Peter Owiti (Kenya)

  6. Speech by Seyed Mohammad Marandi on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Seyed Mohammad Marandi is an Iranian American academic and political analyst. 

  7. Speech by Guillermo Rocafort on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Guillermo Rocafort (Spain) –  PhD in economics, specially in predatory funds. University professor

  8. Speech by Bakail Moncef on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Moncef Bakail is director of the African studies and research professor of African history and politics at the University of Algiers 2. In 2008 he was named Visiting Professor of the University of Perpignan in France. From 2004 to 2009 he worked as General Director of the National School of Tourism in Algeria. Bakail obtained his Doctorat d’Etat (PhD) in 2004 in African history from The University of Algiers and holds a Master of Arts in East African history from the University of Exeter in 1990. He is a special advisor to the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education since 2014 as a member of the programs Evaluation team. He is a fluent English, French and Arabic speaker and has published 7 books and more than 30 scientific articles and papers which are published in Algeria and France, including Tourisme et développement socio-économique de l'Afrique, Annales du Tourisme 2015, Editions Balzac, Paris, 2016 and Studies and research in the history of sub-Saharan Africa (2017) in Arabic and English languages.

  9. Speech by Tariro Kutadza on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. Mine is on the pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.

    Ninety months has gone since our preparation to end pandemics. But where are we? We are only left with 90 months to get into 2030 to end pandemics.

    The question is: Global South! Are we ready to end pandemics by 2030? I am sure we are not ready, because what is happening on the ground, we are no longer following the health of people. We are no longer responding or chasing the virus of HIV, TB, and other pandemics.

    We are busy chasing human beings, putting them in silos, KPs, and so forth. We are chasing young people. We are chasing siloizing populations in the global south, especially in Africa. All the money we get from pay for global funds, we are given to say, ‘this amount of money should go to young people’.

    The question is what to do with it. This amount of money should go to people to do what? Can you change the behavior of a young person to understand the horrors of HIV and AIDS.

    But there are these old people, who have been living with HIV and AIDS or this disease for more than three decades. In the first, they were given intolerable medicines, and they are deformed. Now, the space is closed. It’s about young people. It’s about care piece and so forth. So are we going to end pandemics in that manner, where we are prescribed to use the man to deal with young people, who are not even positive. They are not positive, but they are KP, they are key population. To do what? Where are we going?

    So, the question is, are we ready to end pandemics by 2030? And where is citizen science? As I go back to COVID-19, they were saying Africa didn’t know about vaccines. Africa were doing vaccine hesitance. But that’s not it. Because vaccines have been there. We battled and cleared polio. We battled and cleared measles through vaccines, but citizen science was not used when COVID was introduced. You introduced it and just told us ‘Wash your hands’, but if you have started from citizen science, what does the citizens know in this pandemic?

    Citizens knew about influenza in Second World War. Citizens knew about measles. Citizens did not, they were not given that chance to start those vaccines. We eradicated cholera with the vaccines. We eradicated influenza.

    But COVID is a new disease. And after nine or ten months, there’s a vaccine. Now populations were resisting. Now they are said ‘no’, they are hesitant, they don’t understand.

    But you told them long back those vaccines took 10 to 15 years to produce. Now we are within a year. Where is this vaccine coming from? So I am saying as much as we are talking of wars, as much as we are talking of accountability, political manpower, all these issues, the health is so important. HIV is being used now to destabilize most countries through this siloization of young people, destroying families.

    A young person is incapacitated to not listen even to your parents because they are a key population. I thank you. And I want to end this talk by quoting J. S. Mbiti, who said: “I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am”.

    What I’m saying here is please listen to the issues of communities. Listen to our problems. Don’t just use the epidemiology knowledge, the professor’s knowledge, listen to the grassroots. I’m coming from the grassroots. Listen to our issues so that we can move this movement to the high highs. I thank you.

  10. Speech by Sysoeva Regina on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    postdoc researcher

  11. Speech by Ilber Vasfi Sel on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Founder member of the International Russophile Movement

  12. Speech by Amadou Sekou Gambi on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    President of the Malian Association of Students and Sympathizers of rhe Russian langage

  13. Speech by Amal Wahdan on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Thank you very much. But first, please allow me to ask you for a moment of silence in commemoration and in respect for the 35,000 people of Palestine who have been genocided in Gaza since October. Thank you.

    This is our traditional embroidery. It’s handmade embroidery. And this shell was made by my friend Hind, forced to leave Gaza neighborhood to Khan Younes area due to the continuous airstrikes and ground incursions of Israeli military occupation. Now I don’t know where Hind is. I hope she’s still alive, and I hope that she will contact us again.

    Actually, the main topic that is raised here in this session about the axis of resistance from one side and about the global south, which I have titled my presentation, Global South and the Power.

    The latest development in Gaza after October 7 has shaken again the global world order and has shown us that the Israeli military occupation is backed up, supported, sponsored and actually run by the US administration.

    The US administration has full power to call for a ceasefire immediately after this war started, but they chose not to do so because they are totally implicit in this war. And this is not the only war that was taking place by American unipolar and its allies.

    Since 1989, the US has been inflicting wars on the South. And we can count a number of wars. And also in Europe, if you remember the Balkan War, where Eastern Europe were divided into many states and where millions of people have been affected. And later on, if we go on, there is the 2001 war against Afghanistan, then Iraq, then what they call the Arab Spring, where seven Arab countries were targeted by the USA.

    Now, after October 7th, as I said, this has changed, while the American unipolar is in decline.

    When we see that the state of Yemen, who is still under war by again the U.S. and its allies in the area, neighbors of Yemen, have taken a strategic decision to close the trade of Bab el-Mandeb and to prevent any Israeli ship, later on any American and British ship to go through the Red Sea, we will see that this strategic decision by Yemen was taken and was inflicting not only the region but the global trade.

    Imagine that the Israeli colonial apartheid system is crippled. Its economy is crippled. No ships are coming from China, their major partner in commerce. No ship that is affiliated to Europe, which has any contacts or connection with the colonial apartheid regime in Palestine, is allowed to go through the Red Sea.

    The Yemeni people, the Yemeni resistance, did not use this weapon while they were enduring a war, a global war by the US and Yemeni neighbors. They didn’t use this strategic weapon then, but they used it in favor of Palestine, in support of Palestine, because they are defending humanity. They are defending the integrity of the people of the area.

    That’s why we think that the Global South has such power, economic, military, and population-wise. I think the time will come soon where we can see the Global South rising and kicking the U.S. out of the region entirely and containing it into its borders. We need to have that mechanism, and this probably must be discussed in a different session. Thank you so much. Thank you.


  14. Speech by Pável Lavrenthiv Grass on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Sociologist, PhD in International Political Economy.

  15. Speech by Zeinab al Safar on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

     بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    السلام عليكم  و رحمةالله و الله بالخير

    My Dear Professor and friend Dr Alexandre Dugin

    Esteemed guests Speakers & participants from around the globe

    Respected organizers & sponsors of the second congress of MIR & the multipolarity forum

    Thank you very much for the invitation and for arranging this auspicious gathering at this perilous yet focal point in time and history.

    It's an honor to be here among you all in Moscow.

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ إِنَّا خَلَقْنَاكُم مِّن ذَكَرٍ وَأُنثَىٰ وَجَعَلْنَاكُمْ شُعُوبًا وَقَبَائِلَ لِتَعَارَفُوا

    In the name of Allah the Most Merciful and the Most Compassionate: “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another.” 
    Imam Ali (PBUH) said in this context: “A person is either your brother in faith, or your equal in humanity.”

    Believing in this we don’t approve to move further into the lap of a unipolar hegemon world or an imperialist / colonialist/ apartheid/ genocidal order. What we strongly aspire for and demand is a multipolar world that encompasses and includes big countries and middle-sized countries as well as small ones yet non subservient ones - states or countries that have their share, their participation and their intrinsic contribution to the whole world. 

    We have to move to a more flexible multilateral pluralistic world, that means that any country or any side has the capability to progress and prosper and burgeon on a multitude of levels and in various spectra ( be it the economic the cultural the scientific the political etc.)

    In this sense we as Muslims we have to demonstrate and highlight the importance of ethics and morals in political actions.

    When social life does not adhere by human values, people live in turmoil and strife, and are dominated by selfishness and disgusting fanaticism.

    The most dangerous loss that a person is exposed to is the spiritual loss and the loss of moral values.

    As Muslims and as resistance powers and movements- that come from the womb of the Global South i.e. resistance movements in West Asia and Latin America and Africa ( & what is the Global South without those resistance movements grassroot movements)  we don’t comprehend the world as a conflict or a fight for authority, nor for influence and hegemony , not even an alliance. We do not consider the world to be based on conflict, rather it is and has to be based on common principles and values. The rise of one particular nation should not be looked at as a threat or a menace to another nation or country. 

    We are not just an Axis of resistance,  we are a decisive Pole in today’s political landscape and dynamics.

    The Global world order will never be right if it were based on influence and the upper hand but rather on common values, NOT on violent competition as is the case in the awfully monstrous West. 

    Evidently the political history of the West is based on wars (WWI WWII, occupations and invasions…), thus politics in the world is based on violence, on aggression & on violations of International Law on and on and that has always been the rule of law in the West. This is the colonial imperialist heritage (that is clearly embodied & represented by Israel) and the world shall never be right or move forward on the right track unless we eliminate this bloody heritage.  Getting rid of Israel is for the good and the benefit of the whole world. Israel is the test of good vs evil.  The Israeli US-made supremacy was and still is a direct blow to stability in the region. Consequently, our goal is one and our fight is one.

    The UN reported recently:” Israel stripping, beating, caging, degrading, raping, executing women and girls. UN experts appalled by reported human rights violations against Palestinian women and girls.”

    What do you expect from an entity whose Minister of “Social Equality & Women's Advancement”, May Golan of the Likud, said: "I am personally proud of the ruins of Gaza, and that every baby, even 80 years from now, will tell their grandchildren what the Jews did."

  16. Speech by Atilio Alberto Borón on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Atilio Alberto Borón is an Argentine sociologist, political scientist, professor and writer. 

  17. Speech by Ismael Blanco Martino on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Friends and comrades:

    As in student assemblies in order not to repeat many concepts, when it is one’s turn to talk about the middle backwards, I am going to at least try to say something different.

    When I was at the Russia-Latin America Parliamentary Conference in October last year, I remember that Vyacheslav Nikonov, a member of the Russian State Duma, asked us that when we talk about the “Global South”, we should think about whether these are the most appropriate words to use to refer to these countries.

    It is food for thought, perhaps they are the most pertinent words to refer to the issue we are all talking about here. Professor Atilio Borón, in his speech just now, reminded us of Comandante Fidel Castro talking about the “tricontinental” and the “non-aligned” countries. Paraphrasing Machado, it comes to mind that one world is born and the other one dies…

    I say this because it is also good to ask ourselves where the compass is, because in the South there is also a North and in the North there is a South!

    Russia is in the geographical North, and this is at least an interesting detail to take into account, because Russia is part of the necessary global response to the hegemony that we are proposing and that must be transformed.

    But I would also like to reflect – coming from the geographical South – that more than 100 years ago, in the words of our renowned Uruguayan artist and master of Constructivism Joaquín Torres García, “our North is the South”, and to illustrate this he turned the planisphere in his work.

    Like everything that has been constructed in texts and discourses, words are never innocent or capricious; they all contain a profound ideological component, paraphrasing the great Italian intellectual and revolutionary, Antonio Gramsci: “Reality is defined by words. Therefore, he who controls words controls reality”. And in a similar vein Ryszard Kapuscinski wrote in his journalistic chronicles of his extensive literary work: “The beginning of wars is not marked by the first shot with a gun but by the change of language. The language of hatred comes before the bombs”.

    Our African friends here present are aware of the words of the Polish patriot, who with his own eyes and through his wonderful pen, made us see the pain and tragedy of Western colonialism and neocolonialism on his peoples, so far from the hand of God and so close and forgotten by the unipolar and hegemonic world of the USA and European powers that devastated it.

    It is not the first time in history that the voices of the peoples have been raised and taken flight, however, the turbulence, the contradictions; the betrayals; the skillful actions of the enemy time and again, in moments of crisis, the well-known thesis of Political Science of “gatopardism” expounded by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa was defended, stating: “if we want everything to remain as it is, everything must change”, but change it like a great swindle in which nothing changes.

    Under this slogan, the hegemonic power of the USA and its allies has been sustained; the Washington Consensus was implemented; the “end of history” was proclaimed through Fukuyama; the people were made to believe that they had reached the culmination point of a world social organization, with a unipolar centrality dictated from Davos and in terms of police and gendarme based on the territorial and permanent expansion of NATO against anyone who dared to challenge this concept…

    Our friends in the Russian Federation know perfectly well what I am talking about, because today in the East, today in Ukraine, fascism is being fought against!

    In fact, like a computer file, the unipolar world is throwing away all the libertarian and egalitarian principles enshrined in the French Revolution and the Charter of Human Rights. They want to erase the history of the last two centuries.  They believe that the social struggles and their conquests, for which millions of women and men paid with their lives, can easily be consigned to oblivion!

    Closer here in time, they also tried to grotesquely twist the facts of World War II and to appropriate the victory against Nazism and fascism, ignoring the glorious epic of the Russian and Soviet people who paid with 27,000,000 lives the price of freedom for the Soviet Union and the whole Europe.

    They went so far as to consummate the ultimate affront and insult to the Russian people, heirs of the Soviet Nation, by not allowing their authorities – including President Putin – to attend the commemoration of the Liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army!

    While all this rottenness is going on, the new conception of the Multipolar World, as an emancipatory and all-embracing conception of all the countries of the planet, is emerging with the force of a hurricane. And this is not only in discourse, but in methodical and permanent actions. As Professor Borón said, this is not about palace diplomacy but about realities.

    Today, the BRICS have become the tool where the new conception of a multipolar world is being developed. Without bosses or gendarmes.

    This morning, in this Forum, Maria Zakharova, told us: “The BRICS are not an instrument to help, for example, so that someone can get something… The BRICS are a new way of conceiving trade; they are opportunities for countries to develop in various areas, such as the economy, ecology, security, technology, education and culture”. …  She concludes, “BRICS is a new way of thinking. You can be independent and, at the same time, unite and be with us and still protect yourself and maintain your national dignity…”.

    Dear friends, we know of defeats and pains, but despite this we continue to believe with deep optimism that yes, another society is possible! That this vision is not a matter of pure whim or voluntarism.

    We must be clear about this premise, which will only be possible if we are deeply convinced and act in this direction in a pragmatic, methodical, orderly and permanent manner, without hesitation, without oscillations and above all without melting in the face of the vagaries of power as wax does in the face of the heat of the burning wick.

    Today the world is in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution based on technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and the development of communication, among others. However, every minute that passes as I say these words, shamefully children are dying of hunger, or will be scarred forever by malnutrition; or will be scarred forever by the bombs that are falling on Gaza minute by minute.

    Wealth is obscenely and immorally accumulating in geometric progression in a few hands, as the richest 1% have cornered almost two thirds of the new wealth generated since 2020 to date, which is almost twice as much as the remaining 99% of humanity.

    The fortune of the billionaires that President Putin reminds us of is growing at an exponential rate and reaches 2.7 billion dollars a day, while at the same time we see the pitiful life of the majority of humanity, so to speak, not far from that miserable life of the children who worked in the coal mines in industrial England and died exhausted because they had small hands to be exploited.

    The answer to these problems IS IN THE EMERGING MULTIPOLARITY, since it offers us the only POSSIBLE AND EMANCIPATING alternative IN THE TIMES WE LIVE IN.

    And I end by saying dear friends, Alfredo Zitarrosa, a poet of my homeland, a singer, said that our peoples are like “giant submerged icebergs that tremble”.

    Let us wait for them to emerge!….

  18. Speech by Ünver Sel on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Founder member of the International Russophile Movement

  19. Speech by Hamada Madi on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Hamada Madi, widely known as "Boléro", is a Comorian politician, former Prime Minister and interim President. He was Secretary General of the Indian Ocean Commission between 2016 and 2020.

  20. Speech by Ihsan Sefa on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    As it is known, the purpose of establishing NATO was to create a common defense pact against the Soviet Union, which European countries viewed as an aggressor after World War II. The 1949-1990 period, called the Cold War period, prevented major wars from breaking out in the world with the mutual balance of power between the two major blocs.

    By 1990, the Soviet Bloc and the Berlin Wall had collapsed. Naturally, NATO, which was established against the Soviet bloc, should have ceased to function. But it didn’t happen that way. The United States has assigned a new mission to NATO for it to survive. In short, this was the task of combating international disputes and terrorism. This mission was apparently quite innocent and humane. However, for the unipolar world order, the United States needed to keep NATO alive and even expand it.

    In 1994, with the concept of going out of the area, strategies were developed within NATO for cooperation with non-NATO countries under the name of Partnerships for Peace. However, all of these were preliminary studies to make the relevant countries NATO members. In this context, the former Soviet Union member countries were helped and most of them became members of NATO.

    In May 1990, United States President Bush, German Chancellor Kohl, British Prime Minister Thatcher, and French President Mitterrand promised Gorbachev that NATO would not expand further eastward than its current borders. 4 years later, with the concept of going out of this forgotten area, NATO started to expand towards the East and gained 16 new members, reaching 32 members today.

    After the Cold War, all NATO concepts were determined in the United States National Security Council and accepted by NATO.

    The United States manages NATO for its own interests. It not only governs, but also makes member states arms markets.

    Having no strong military alliance left after the Cold War, the United States has established a unipolar world order through NATO and is trying to maintain this.

    There are two great powers against the United States. These are Russia as a military power and China as an economic power. The United States, which cannot fight both powers directly, is trying to wear down the Russian Federation, which is a military power, with proxy wars over Ukraine. It is obvious that he was not successful in this. On the other hand, it aimed to corner the Russian Federation in the Baltic region by making Finland and Sweden members of NATO. In order to have free passage from the Turkish Straits to the Black Sea, it may attempt to change Montreux by using the signatory states. In summary, it will try every way to eliminate the Russian Federation, the largest military power against the United States.

    Even though Türkiye is a member of NATO, it is the target of American imperialism with its military and geopolitical power. The United States, which wants to control the Middle East oil and energy corridors through Türkiye:

    It is trying to divide Türkiye by providing great support to the separatist terrorist organization PKK. They are dreaming of the Treaty of Sevres, which Mustafa Kemal and his friends tore up and threw away in 1920, with the support of our friend Soviet Russia. It is also trying to create a second Israel in northern Syria.

    The United States overthrew the governments that it could not control in Türkiye through military coups. The last example of this was tried on July 15, 2016.

    A secret organization serving the interests of the United States has been established within NATO member countries. This organization, which we define as Gladio, intervened in its domestic politics by illegal methods and directed its foreign policy in line with the interests of the United States. He massacred scientists and journalists who opposed this.

    It targets Türkiye and Russia with the weapons it has placed in Greece, which ignores Türkiye’s rights and interests in the Aegean islands, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean. Today, it is known that they are using Ukraine against Russia in the Black Sea and Greece against Türkiye in the Aegean Sea.

    The United States of America and NATO under its control have tried to prevent Türkiye-Russia rapprochement and friendship at every opportunity. I cannot help but give these two examples on this subject. In 2015, when the Russian MIG 24 aircraft, operating on the Syrian border in the south of Türkiye, violated the Turkish border several times for 8–10 seconds due to map incompatibility, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg provoked it by saying “Türkiye’s border is a NATO border and cannot be violated” and unfortunately, that tragic incident took place. It is also known that the assassination of Ambassador Karlov in Ankara was carried out by a CIA-linked terrorist organization in Türkiye. In these events, Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin saw behind the scenes, acted calmly, and ensured the continuation of relations between the two countries.

    Likewise, the Islamic Republic of Iran is also the target of American imperialism. In particular, it is trying every way to control the Strait of Hormuz, where 60% of China’s oil needs are met.

    The world domination that the United States wants to maintain by using NATO can be countered with a strong military alliance like NATO. It is imperative for world peace that Russia, Türkiye and Iran, which have the potential to form this alliance, take action as soon as possible. Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iraq and Syria should be included in this alliance and then expanded towards the East.

    Now, the following question can rightly be asked. Can Türkiye take part in such an alliance while being a member of NATO? According to public opinion polls, more than 80% of the Turkish composition is in favor of Türkiye leaving NATO. Under the leadership of Dr. Doğu Perinçek, the Vatan Party has been advocating leaving NATO for years. It seems to our people that neither the United States nor NATO is friendly to Türkiye. Turkish people are ready for the alliance to be formed in Asia.

    As a result, Russia-Türkiye and Iran should not waste time to further develop the Astana process and create a strong military alliance in West Asia and then expand to the East.

  21. Speech by Sabrang Mowo Damar Panuluh on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Culturalist, Researcher

  22. Speech by Elier Ramírez Cañedo on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Cuban historian, academic, politician and essayist.

  23. Speech by Jamal Wakim on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Professor of History and International Relations at the Lebanese University.

  24. Speech by Raphael Machado on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    First of all, it’s an honor to be here with you. Thank you very much for inviting me.

    Last year there was also a Multipolar Forum, but a virtual one. And on that occasion, I spoke about the virtue of courage in Multipolarity and its importance. And now I’d like to return to this theme, because all of us who are here are risking many things. Our jobs, our freedoms, even our lives.

    I’ll give you a personal example. After last year’s Virtual Multipolar Forum, a process began to take my job away. For example, my contact with some of the people at the Forum was denounced. Then, in November last year, the US State Department dedicated a report of more than 20 pages to me and another comrade, Comrade Lucas Leiroz, also from Brazil. They denounced us as agents, as spies, disinformers, etc… And after that, not only he and I received death threats via Telegram, threats from unknown people.

    So, well, we’re risking a lot here. So I salute the courage of everyone here.

    Now, you may wonder why these things happen even in Brazil, which is a BRICS member.

    I would say that the key element lies precisely in this cultural, intellectual and spiritual sphere addressed in this Forum. Because we Ibero-Americans have not yet begun to do the kind of work that, for example, Professor Dugin does for the Eurasian civilization, of thinking about what unites us as such, the Being of our civilization.

    And this is precisely the point where we are fragile in the face of globalist powers and non-governmental organizations.

    Look, Russia has expelled several of these NGOs, China has also expelled them, India too, and African countries are following suit by expelling several of these non-governmental organizations and foundations. What about us and our community?

    The truth is that on our continent, many presidents choose their ministers from the lists of George Soros’ Open Society and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others. This is a big problem, because this is how the infiltration of spiritual, cultural and intellectual subversion begins.

    So what happens to us? We can’t work on a vision of the future if we’re always victims of this kind of subversion, because we no longer know who we are.

    We no longer have the kind of conscience that existed at the time of Juan Domingo Perón or Getúlio Vargas. Nor do we have ideas like, for example, those of Mexican José Vasconcellos and his vision of a cosmic race, in other words, the idea of unity, of fusion between peoples. Because Our America is a space for the fusion of other ancient civilizations, Iberian Europe, the pre-Columbian world, West Africa, all with their dramatic and tragic elements, but building a new civilization together.

    And here in the Global South, we have an example with Africans, who are already debating all these issues and are aware of the evils and dangers of non-governmental organizations. And we share concerns about health with them, but also, for example, the issue of woke ideology in general and similar agendas.

    Finally, it should be pointed out that these non-governmental organizations and foundations have turned many of our continent’s left-wing parties into subsidiaries of the US Democratic Party, so that in every election our left-wing parties are always saying: “I’m with Biden, I’m with Obama, I’m with Clinton, etc.”.

    And in the end, the result is always the same.

    So thank you all very much, and long live the great homeland.

  25. Speech by Nora on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Speech by Nora on the Multipolar Forum

  26. Speech by Dr. Kalam Azad on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Speech by Dr Kalam Azad at the Multipolarity Forum

  27. Speech by Blanca Eekhout on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Blanca Eekhout is a Venezuelan politician.

  28. Speech by Samba Mbenda Diaw on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    President of PARADE International

  29. Speech by Dr. Rubia Shariff on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Functional ND

  30. Speech by Alexia Massholder on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Alexia Massholder is a Professor of History and a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at the University of Buenos Aires. 

  31. Speech by Mandla Mandela on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Your Excellencies,

    Thank you for having afforded me the opportunity to speak here today.

    My name is Mandla Mandela. I’m a member of Parliament in the National Assembly in South Africa and hold the burden of being President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s grandson. My father was his second son.

    Allow me, program director, to acknowledge the leadership of the International Russophile Movement.

    Fellow participants, ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends, I bring you warm greetings from the home of President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the founding father of a free and democratic South Africa. We pause today to pay respects to all of you to whom we owe an eternal debt in supporting our eternal resistance, our competence in exile, and our leadership, most of whom were languishing in apartheid jails like my grandfather.

    You and all the global anti-apartheid movement enabled us to overcome the brutal apartheid regime in South Africa. Your collective actions, whether at the level of the state like the frontline states on the SADC region, the USSR, Cuba, Libya, Palestine, and many more. Through the actions of churches and faith-based movements, civil society organs, labor formations, singly and collectively, you all contributed to our liberation and freedom and demonstrated the power of the Global South.

    There are as many definitions of the Global South today as there are ideologues and social science theorists and political-economy practitioners. According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development, the Global South broadly compromises of Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia excluding apartheid Israel, and Japan, South Korea, Oceania excluding Australia and New Zealand.

    It is paradoxical that we have been reminded so starkly of the power of the Global South by the recent events in Gaza and all of occupied Palestine. The voices in the Global South have been awakened by the pogrom unfolding before our very eyes. It is painful to watch the daily obliteration of infrastructure, not to mention the tally of human lives, because the numbers do not tell the full story of the decades of systematic genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    The millions of people, every city of the world, standing up and standing against the imaginations of unipolar world led by the USA, the UK and the countries in the European Union. The Global South is fiercely calling for an immediate ceasefire.

    The world is ready for a new world, one that is more just and one that will not accept the advancement of parochial geopolitical interests at the expense of others. The Palestinian people and their brave act of resistance is setting an example to all of us in the Global South. We stand together, bound by the values of our common humanity, and demand justice not just for the people of Gaza and all of occupied Palestine, but for all suffering people in the world.

    They invoked our own painful path to freedom. South Africa has taken the Zionist entity to the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice and has been supported by similar actions by countries in Latin America, Asia and even in the European Parliament. These are not random events but rather the consequences of global mobilization on an unprecedented level. We are no longer prepared to be second-class citizens of the world, and the institutions of global governance are facing a test to act in consonance with the founding principles or forever lose legitimacy in the eyes of the world.

    It is in our hands to act decisively. Now, as President Mandela reminded us, it is now in our hands. It is in the hands of this generation to achieve greatness. It is in the hands of the Global South and our emerging structures such as the BRICS Plus to shape a world in which justice prevails, in which a human rights-based world works for all of us, or works for none of us.

    Palestine and its heroic struggle against unjust occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing is a litmus test for our humanity. It is a test for our resolve to stand united against the bullies of the world who for too long have raped, pillaged and stolen the resources of the world in its quest for empire, for power and global dominance.

    It is not an accident of history or random change that brings us together here in this particular moment in time. We have to act in our collective strength and moral obligation towards each other and all humanity to advance the global agenda that brings peace in Palestine and peace in the world.

    The era of a unipolar world which unilaterally imposes its blockades and force its geopolitical interest on the entire world and all of humanity is dying and must be buried for peace, justice and dignity and prosperity for all to prevail. We must move forward and ensure that the prevailing global sentiments translate into concrete actions, and the Global South must drive this agenda in order to achieve our mutual goal of a just world.

    To do so requires firm resolve and determination. We can no longer be passengers of history. We are the makers of our own destiny, and it is in our hands to shape the future of humanity. This is true for the struggle of the Palestinian people as it is true for other critical issues, just as climate justice, fighting poverty and ending inequality in the world.

    In South Africa, all the African continent, we have overcome the struggle of colonial occupation as you have witnessed in Niger, in Mali, in Burkina Faso, but we have yet to taste the fruits of our economic liberation and the goal of economic development. And prosperity eludes us because the changes in the global architecture that we are striving for escapes us because of systematic slavery that has entained us. The Global South must be the catalyst to break off these chains of economic slavery to the West.

    This is true for Africa, as it is true for Latin America and Asia. As we awaken and become present to this reality, we must continue to mobilize our collective efforts, resources, and the voices of our people to push forward courageously and shape a new future and a new dawn.

    Our voices must be heard in the global corridors of power as we demand an end to the occupation and genocide in Palestine. In doing so, we also assert our own daily struggles as the Global South to build a future for all of humanity, one that is characterized by peace, justice and human dignity for all.

    And in doing so, we can all realize a free Palestine in our lifetime, a one state that provides dignity for all its citizens, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or Jews.

    I thank you.

  32. Speech by Kris Roman on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Worked at Center for Euro-Russian StudieS

  33. Speech by Dr. Macharia Munene on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Dr. Macharia Munene is a professor of History and International Relations at the United States International University in Nairobi, obtained his doctorate in Diplomatic History in 1985 from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Dr. Munene has served as Collaborating International Faculty, Universitat Jaume-1, Castellon, and Professorial Affiliate of the National Defence College, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. He also taught at the University of Nairobi, where he was Chairman of the Department, Kenyatta University, Moi University, The Ohio State University, Kentucky State University, and Ohio University. Dr. Munene has also served as an External Examiner at the University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Masinde Muliro University, and Egerton University. Dr. Munene is recognized as a public intellectual and resource person. He has received the United Nations recognition as an Expert on Decolonisation. He is also rated among the Top 100 CCTV-4 commentators in the world. And, appears in Kenyan and global media and public forums as an observer, analyst, and columnist. Dr. Munene also serves as an Advisor to the Harmony Institute in Nairobi, Kenya.

  34. Speech by Juan Miguel Díaz Ferrer on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    professor, ex-Vice-Minister of Culture of Venezuela

  35. Speech by Yuliana Titaeva on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Head of Freedom Marketing&PR and Agency for the Development of Russia-Brazil Bilateral Co-operation.

  36. Speech by Antonio Guerreiro on the section of "Global South: Changes in the Global Architecture"

    Cuban hero, member of the "Cuban Five" Antonio Guerrero.

  37. Final speech by Pepe Escobar to the participants of the session: «Global South. Changes in the global architecture»

    Final speech by Pepe Escobar to the participants with final thoughts from Princess Vittoria Alliata di Villafranca.