Metaphysics & Traditional Philosophy (Jay Dyer) Many objections and challenges have come in recently after the last couple debates so I thought it would be useful to do a stream specifically on several fundamental philosophical questions and challenges. Most people are not familiar with the basics of philosophy, yet attempt to engage in debates and discourses on highly philosophic subjects. In this talk we will consider the three branches once again, as well as the assumptions of these branches and modernity's deconstructing of them leading to atheism and scientism. Twitch: My Site: My Patreon: My Book: My TV Show: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Facebook: Follow on Instagram: Follow on Gab:


Hidden Metaphysics - Logos and Logoi

This is the first half of a full talk which can be obtained by subscribing to JaysAnalysis at the PayPal links for 4.95 a month or 60.00 per year. In this talk, I give a basic introduction to classical metaphysics and theology based on St. John of Damascus' "Fount of Knowledge: The Philosophical Chapters." We cover the seminal terms and concepts and how they relate to forming a proper worldview and critical thinking, and how the modern world has robbed us of this inheritance.

God's Existence & Transcendental Argument

Multiple people have requested a philosophy Q n A so I am offering an open forum, with superchat discussion welcomed. Transcendental arguments, Pre-Socratics, Stoics, sophists, Aristotle, Plato, church fathers, Logos, logoi, St. Augustine, Neo-platonism, Origen, Medieval philosophy, up to enlightenment and modern era of continental and analytical traditions.