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'Liberalism Is Totalitarian' Alexander Dugin On Ideology, the USSR, & Multipolarity

Alexander Dugin is Russian philosopher with a eclectic mixture of political beliefs from both ends of the political spectrum which oppose Western imperialism and liberalism. He also has consistently and actively supported the People's Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk since they broke away from Ukraine, following the fascist & western backed Euromaidan Coup d'etat of 2014.

Kesh Politics Prof Alexandr Dugin (Political Platonism)

 In the #kesh_politics new episode, we will be accompanied by Prof Alexandr Dugin, professor and Philosopher, one of the best-known writers and political commentators in post-Soviet Russia, to try to answer: What is the meaning of modernism? Is it true that traditions are the reason for our backwardness? Is Plato's Republic utopian as it promotes it?"

Unregistered 193: Alexander Dugin

the most dangerous philosopher in the world, Alexander Dugin, to discuss his claim that modernity is the greatest mistake in human history.


دوغين: روسيا تجدّد الخطاب الأيديولوجي

في بيتنا فيلسوف.. ضيف أرتيوم كابشوك المفكر والفيلسوف الروسي الكبير ألكسندر دوغين والحديث حول إشكالية الهوية الأوكرانية وأسباب كراهيتها للروس ومعاني انخراط روسيا في العملية العسكرية بأوكرانيا وكذلك إعادة اكتشاف روسيا جذورها الأصيلة وإعادة استيعابها لهويتها الحقيقية ونهج جديد للقادة الروس في تثبيت الدولة وثقافة مجتمعها على درب الأصالة والقيم التقليدية والسيادة الحضارية كبداية لتاريخ جديد لهذه الدولة.



من الداخل | 2019-10-13 | ألكسندر دوغين وصعود التعددية في الأقطاب

ألكسندر دوغين أبو الأوراسية والنظرية السياسية الرابعة هو المنظِّر الأخطر في العاَلم بحسَب المختَصين ويقال عنه إنه دماغ الرئيس الروسيّ فلاديمير بوتين يحدثنا من الداخل عن العَلاقات الروسية الأميرِكية الصينية والمنطقة وعصر أُفول الأحادية القطبيّة وصعود التعددية في الأقطاب.

A Conversation With A Myth - Aleksandr Dugin

The DD Geopolitics Podcast is joined by the world-renowned and often mislabeled Professor Aleksandr Dugin on a journey through a plethora of topics. The conversation tackles subjects such as focusing on Russkiy Mir or the Russian world, how Serbia fits into multipolarity, and how she's responsible for awakening Russia as the key player in creating a fair and mutually beneficial world based on international law, rather than so-called "rules-based order". As well as how Russia is shaping the world today through BRICS and what the Special Military Operation really means.

Crisis of Global Liberalism

Alexander Dugin, one of the world’s most famous political philosophers, joins us in a new episode of our New Rules podcast 

Alexander Dugin Goes One On One With Stew Peters On Declining U.S. Hegemony

The international struggle between Russia and the United States is about humanity versus hegemony. Dr. Alexander Dugin joins Stew to discuss the possibility of World War 3, the Russia/Ukraine war, and the current conflict in the Middle East. The current global order only allows countries to be socially liberal and anyone who refuses to embrace degeneracy is apparently an enemy of the United States.

ALEKSANDR DUGIN - Eurasia and the Crossroads of the Middle East



We are pleased to have Professor Aleksandr Dugin return as our guest to discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict and its global implications, explore the prospects for conflict resolution in the Middle East, considering the dynamics within a multipolar world order and the influence of Eurasianism's principles on Russia's interactions with the region.

Alexander Dugin — Eurosiberia #1


Constantin von Hoffmeister talks with Alexander Dugin about the current state of Eurasianism and multipolarity, Guillaume Faye’s concept of Eurosiberia, Western racism amidst claims of universalism, the immortality of the soul as the foundation of the Fourth Political Theory, and other topics.

Live with John Mappin on Space - 19th January 2024

Alexander Dugin is one of the most listened to and respected Russian philosophers.   His life’s work has been in fathoming and understanding the rise and evolution of modern Russia in it’s current form.  

Slaying the Dragon of Globalism (2/2)

Alexander Dugin and Pepe Escobar join the NewRulesPodcast to discuss the crisis of globalism, the multipolar revolution, and the risk of WWIII. This is part two of our geopolitical super-episode.