Dugin: Political Speeches, Interviews, Debates

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Dugin: Political Speeches, Interviews, Debates
Dugin: Political Speeches, Interviews, Debates
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  1. 'Liberalism Is Totalitarian' Alexander Dugin On Ideology, the USSR, & Multipolarity

    Alexander Dugin is Russian philosopher with a eclectic mixture of political beliefs from both ends of the political spectrum which oppose Western imperialism and liberalism. He also has consistently and actively supported the People's Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk since they broke away from Ukraine, following the fascist & western backed Euromaidan Coup d'etat of 2014.

  2. Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin – Nexus Symposium 21 September 2019, Amsterdam

    To celebrate our 25th anniversary, the Nexus Symposium 2019, ‘The Magic Mountain Revisited’, revolved around the themes and music from The Magic Mountain. As if Settembrini and Naptha were alive today, Bernard-Henri Lévy and Aleksandr Dugin debated on stage as defenders of the Enlightenment and anti-Enlightenment.

  3. Competing Ideologies (Dugin/Fukuyama debates on TV)

    Competing Ideologies (Dugin/Fukuyama)

  4. Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone with A.Dugin: Millennials, Modernity and Religion

    Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone with A.Dugin: Millennials, Modernity and Religion

  5. Dugin on TRT (Turkish national interests)

    Dugin on TRT (Turkish national interests)

  6. We have our special Russian truth (BBC)

    We have our special Russian truth (BBC)

  7. TRADITION VS TRANSITION? Ft. Alexander Dugin, Russian Philosopher

    TRADITION VS TRANSITION? Ft. Alexander Dugin, Russian Philosopher

  8. Interview with Alexander Dugin (Philosophy, 4PT, Education, Mysticism, Theatre)

    Interview with Alexander Dugin (Philosophy, 4PT, Education, Mysticism, Theatre)

  9. China, Russia 'struggling against Western hegemony' (CGTN)

    China, Russia 'struggling against Western hegemony' (CGTN)

  10. Aleksandr Dugin on freedom beyond liberalism

    Freedom beyond liberalism

  11. Alexandr Dugin in Bucharest: NATO has to be destroyed, Vladimir Putin is forever

    Alexandr Dugin in Bucharest: NATO has to be destroyed, Vladimir Putin is forever

  12. Eurasia: perspectives of multipolarity & Fourth Political Theory (London 2013)

    The End Of The Present World Conference, that was held on the 12th October 2013, at a prestigious venue in central London, explored alternative potentialities offered by the declining American unipolar world and the nascent Fourth Political Theory.

  13. Russian Genius, Satan and recently replaced Spinal Column of Donald Trump

    Russian Genius, Satan and recently replaced Spinal Column of Donald Trump

  14. Trump will win (prediction of 2016)

    Trump will win (prediction of 2016)

  15. Kesh Politics Prof Alexandr Dugin (Political Platonism)

     In the #kesh_politics new episode, we will be accompanied by Prof Alexandr Dugin, professor and Philosopher, one of the best-known writers and political commentators in post-Soviet Russia, to try to answer: What is the meaning of modernism? Is it true that traditions are the reason for our backwardness? Is Plato's Republic utopian as it promotes it?"

  16. Dugin on InfoWar with David Knight

    Dugin on InfoWar with David Knight

  17. Trump, Biden, Nationalism, And The Road To Revolution (interview to Aντίνοος)

    Trump, Biden, Nationalism, And The Road To Revolution (interview to Aν

  18. Unregistered 193: Alexander Dugin

    the most dangerous philosopher in the world, Alexander Dugin, to discuss his claim that modernity is the greatest mistake in human history.a

  19. If US intervenes Taiwan Issues, Russian troops will step in as well | Thinkers Forum

    Will there be an Asian NATO? Will China and Russia come together? 2022 May 25 Zhang Weiwei Director of China Institute of Fudan University, Aleskandr Dugin Russian Philosopher Politologist known as "Putin's Brain" and Dr. Ejaz Akram Advisor to Former Pakistan Prime Minister Discuessed the geopolitical implications of the Ukraine crisis The need to bring about a multipolar world And what it means for the sovereignty of nations

  20. Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin discusses the Soviet Union’s legacy in an interview with RT

    Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin discusses the Soviet Union’s legacy, multipolarity & other issues in an exclusive interview to RT.

    Source: https://www.rt.com/shows/rt-interview/569155-alexander-dugin-soviet-union-legacy/

  21. Dugin discusses the Soviet Union’s legacy in an interview with RT

    Controversial philosopher Aleksandr Dugin sat down with RT correspondent Donald Courter to talk about geopolitics, Russia-China relations, and the collapse of the Soviet Union and its legacy.

    Source: RT 

  22. دوغين: روسيا تجدّد الخطاب الأيديولوجي

    في بيتنا فيلسوف.. ضيف أرتيوم كابشوك المفكر والفيلسوف الروسي الكبير ألكسندر دوغين والحديث حول إشكالية الهوية الأوكرانية وأسباب كراهيتها للروس ومعاني انخراط روسيا في العملية العسكرية بأوكرانيا وكذلك إعادة اكتشاف روسيا جذورها الأصيلة وإعادة استيعابها لهويتها الحقيقية ونهج جديد للقادة الروس في تثبيت الدولة وثقافة مجتمعها على درب الأصالة والقيم التقليدية والسيادة الحضارية كبداية لتاريخ جديد لهذه الدولة.



  23. من الداخل | 2019-10-27 | النوماخيا ما هي…مشروع ألكسندر دوغين

    المفكر الروسي ألكسندر دوغين يتحدث عن مشروع النوماخيا وأهدافها ووظائفها و مبادئها ويشرح تلك الدراسة المعمقة لمختلف الثقافات والأنظمة الفلسفية والفنون والأديان والسمات النفسية وخصائص الحضارات الإنسانية.

  24. من الداخل | 2019-10-13 | ألكسندر دوغين وصعود التعددية في الأقطاب

    ألكسندر دوغين أبو الأوراسية والنظرية السياسية الرابعة هو المنظِّر الأخطر في العاَلم بحسَب المختَصين ويقال عنه إنه دماغ الرئيس الروسيّ فلاديمير بوتين يحدثنا من الداخل عن العَلاقات الروسية الأميرِكية الصينية والمنطقة وعصر أُفول الأحادية القطبيّة وصعود التعددية في الأقطاب.

  25. Dugin warns conflict in Ukraine is driven by globalist agenda to destroy western civilization

    Interview on One America News Network: https://rumble.com/v279900-dugin-warns-conflict-in-ukraine-is-driven-by-globalist-agenda-to-destroy-we.html

  26. Sean Stone & Alexander Dugin

    Sean Stone & Alexander Dugin

  27. Russian victory in Ukraine will mean dawn of multipolar world - Dugin | RT Exclusive

    In an exclusive interview RT talks with prominent Russian political philosopher Aleksandr Dugin on the Ukraine conflict and the changes an ultimate Russian victory would bring to the worldShow more

  28. Jamal Wakim interviews Alexander Dugin

    Jamal Wakim Interviews Professor Alexander Dugin on his assessment of the Wagner group's rebellion and the situation in Ukraine

  29. Alexander Dugin in conversation with Edmund Wilson: The Mission of Civilization

    Alexander Dugin in conversation with Edmund Wilson: The Mission of Civilization

  30. A Conversation With A Myth - Aleksandr Dugin

    The DD Geopolitics Podcast is joined by the world-renowned and often mislabeled Professor Aleksandr Dugin on a journey through a plethora of topics. The conversation tackles subjects such as focusing on Russkiy Mir or the Russian world, how Serbia fits into multipolarity, and how she's responsible for awakening Russia as the key player in creating a fair and mutually beneficial world based on international law, rather than so-called "rules-based order". As well as how Russia is shaping the world today through BRICS and what the Special Military Operation really means.


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  31. Crisis of Global Liberalism

    Alexander Dugin, one of the world’s most famous political philosophers, joins us in a new episode of our New Rules podcast 

    "My works are prohibited in the West. You can't buy them on Amazon. You can't buy them in the bookstores because I'm considered the most dangerous philosopher in the West. So I am totally canceled. I am totally destroyed, deconstructed in the West, and you can guess why,” Dugin says, commenting on the West’s cancel policy towards him  


    Sosyolog Dr. Aleksandr Dugin, #BüyükAileBuluşması'na özel video mesaj paylaşarak Saraçhane'de buluşan insanlık ailesinin duyarlı dostlarını selamladı.

    Russian political scientist and strategist Alexandr Dugin sent a video message to the rally organized by the Great Family Platform in Saraçhane. Dugin said:

    My dear Turkish friends, I am very happy that you organized this meeting against LGBT normalization. I am very glad that people from different parties and political movements are participating here. Because this is not just an issue of people trying to preserve traditional Islamic religious values. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to somehow fight against the idea of liberalism, which portrays something as completely normal, and even makes it not only normal but also imposing and mandatory. I am very happy that people from all walks of life in Turkey, regardless of party, whether left or right, participated in this protest. This is the struggle of all people who are trying to preserve normal relations between the sexes, who are trying to preserve the family, and who are trying to preserve the dignity of people. So, congratulations on your views, your decisions, your courage, your sense of justice and your defense of normality. It is clear that God created humans from a man and a woman, Adam and Eve. This is a fight for families, children and human dignity. I am very happy that traditionalist advocates fighting for justice in Turkey tend to unite against this scourge, this perversion.

  33. ALEXANDR DUGIN : LIBERAL ANTICHRIST | Behemoth and Leviathan | Apolo, Dionysus and Cibele | Platinho

    ALEXANDR DUGIN : LIBERAL ANTICHRIST | Behemoth and Leviathan | Apolo, Dionysus and Cibele | Platinho Alexandr DUGIN LIVE: Liberalism and Culture War - Leviathan Talks with Rodrigo Ferrari (Platinho) Russia and Brazil : a friendly conversation with philosophical intentions.

  34. Alexander Dugin Goes One On One With Stew Peters On Declining U.S. Hegemony

    The international struggle between Russia and the United States is about humanity versus hegemony. Dr. Alexander Dugin joins Stew to discuss the possibility of World War 3, the Russia/Ukraine war, and the current conflict in the Middle East. The current global order only allows countries to be socially liberal and anyone who refuses to embrace degeneracy is apparently an enemy of the United States.

    Source: https://StewPeters.com

  35. مقابلة مع الكاتب والفيلسوف الروسي ألكسندر دوغين


    مقابلة مع الكاتب والفيلسوف الروسي ألكسندر دوغين ضمن سلسلة حوارات المجلة


  36. ALEKSANDR DUGIN - Eurasia and the Crossroads of the Middle East



    We are pleased to have Professor Aleksandr Dugin return as our guest to discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict and its global implications, explore the prospects for conflict resolution in the Middle East, considering the dynamics within a multipolar world order and the influence of Eurasianism's principles on Russia's interactions with the region.


  37. Lecture by Alexander Dugin at Moscow State University: Epistemological Racism in the Postmodern Era


    Lecture at Moscow State University, 2006

  38. Aleksandr Dugin'in Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin Yüzüncü Yılında Asya'da Devlet Birikimi Konferansı'nda yaptığı konuşma

    Ulusal Strateji Merkezi ve Erzincan Binali Yıldırım Üniversitesi 17-19 tarihleri arasında 'Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin 100 Yılında Asya'da Devlet Birikimi Çalıştayı düzenliyor. Türk devriminin birikimi ve devlet kurma tecrübesinin ele alınacağı çalıştayın detaylarını USMER Başkanı Şule Perinçek açıkladı.

    Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin 100. Yılında Asya'da Devlet Birikimi! | Uluslararası Çalıştay 

  39. Alexander Dugin | El mundo revoluciona | World revolution | Parte I

    Alexander Dugin interviewed by Daniel Estulin https://estulin.media/

  40. Dugin | El mundo revoluciona (Parte II) | World Revolution

    Alexander Dugin interviewed by Daniel Estulin https://estulin.media/

  41. New Interview: Russian Philosopher Aleksandr Dugin | حوارمع مستشارالرئيس الروسي بوتين الفيلسوف دوقين



  42. RWA x Alexander Dugin: Up Close and Personal

    RWA x Alexander Dugin: Up Close and Personal

  43. Will Russia Save The Resistance? - SyrianGirl Interviews Alexander Dugin

    I visited Moscow and sat down with Professor Alexander Dugin, who the media call "Putin's brain", to ask if Russia will intervene on #Gaza, Iran & Syria. We also discussed World War III, globalism vs a multipolar world, declining birth rates and more!

  44. Alexander Dugin — Eurosiberia #1

    Constantin von Hoffmeister talks with Alexander Dugin about the current state of Eurasianism and multipolarity, Guillaume Faye’s concept of Eurosiberia, Western racism amidst claims of universalism, the immortality of the soul as the foundation of the Fourth Political Theory, and other topics.

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  45. Aleksandr Dugin: Is Putin's Russia Winning the Ukraine war?

    As we find ourselves approaching the end of 2023, how would you define the year 2023? Today we are happy to have Professor Aleksandr Dugin, he will reveal to us the Winner of 2023 in his mind.

    00:00 Q1 Could you use a word to define 2023?

    03:48 Q2 What are some of the most significant stories shaping 2023?

    07:19 Q3 Who is the most memorable figure in 2023?

    14:01 Q4 Will the Russia-Ukraine conflict come to an end in 2024?

    18:30 Q5 If we speculate, whom does he intend this message for?

    20:12 Q6 What is the impact of "The Fifth Column" in Russia?

    Will it affect Russia's upcoming elections?

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  46. A Symphony of Humanity — Alexander Dugin

    Excerpt from documentary:  PARADOGMA (2018)

    Director: Marijn Poels
    Writer: Marijn Poels

    People who dare to question important themes today, are often silenced or labeled as suspicious and dangerous. Where once democracies valued and encouraged debate society is dividing itself with stark lines between the left, the right, the good or the bad. What is strangling debate? How liberal is the West? Should we ignore or embrace other perspectives? A critical, thought-provoking journey through ancient tribal conflicts, in a new era wherein world views clash and free speech crumbles under pressure to conform.— Marijn Poels


  47. Welsh rep podcast 143 Alexsandr Dugin

    I spoke with the world-famous philosopher Alexander Dugin about his life as a philosopher, his journey into becoming a philosopher. We discussed multipolarism, the ideology of Eurasia, and what the world might look like under the Eurasian World Order. Our conversation also touched on the decline of the West, the potential for a civil war in America, South Africa taking Israel to court for alleged crimes against the Palestinian people, the future of Israel, and whether the conflict between Israel and Palestine could escalate into a larger regional war. We delved into the decline of globalism and liberalism, exploring various related topics.

  48. Live with John Mappin on Space - 19th January 2024

    Alexander Dugin is one of the most listened to and respected Russian philosophers.   His life’s work has been in fathoming and understanding the rise and evolution of modern Russia in it’s current form.  

    This is an event that every western leader should attend.  

    John Mappin and Camelot Castle TV  is honoured to invite you to join Alexander on a spaces where we will discuss the real causes of the current scene in Russia Ukraine.  we hope to bring immense clarity to the existing situation.  

    Alexander is a man of peace and of understanding and the purpose of this interview is to accelerate all peace efforts and to bring understanding.  

    We live in a world where war profiteers are meeting at the WEF this very week.  They are banging the drum for vast war expenditure in two theatres of war and where our European leaders have denied the Slavic peoples the peace that they wished for.   

    This spaces is for those leaders in life and influencers of thought that don’t wish to experience a brutal escalation in this war so you may find the data that Alexander will impart about the current scene to be most valuable.  

    It is our hope that this communication and connection brings a new depth of understanding between the great country of Russia and its global partners and friends.  

    — John Mappin


  49. Hira Channel: Special Interview with Alexander Dugin

    ■ البروفيسور أليكساندر دوغين - روسيا
    ■ مفكر وباحث وفيلسوف سياسي

    من مؤلفاته:
    ■ الأفلاطونية السياسية
    ■ عالم متعدد الأقطاب
    ■ النظرية السياسية الرابعة
    ■ هايدغر - فلسفة بداية أخرى
    ■ علم الاجتماع الإثني

    يتطرق ل :

    ■ دويستفسكي والأدب الروسي
    ■ الحكمة الخالدة والوحدة المتعالية للأديان
    ■ الفلسفة السياسية الإسلامية
    ■ الأبعاد الروحية في الإسلام
    ■ هايدغر والفلسفة الوجودية
    ■ معنى النظرية السياسية الرابعة
    ■ بناء المعرفة والاستقلال عن الغرب
    ■ ضرورة مواجهة المشروع الحضاري الغربي
    ■ روسيا وآفاقها الحضارية


  50. Dugin: Colonialism was present at all stages of Western political thought

     Interview with Russian thinker Alexander Dugin on the relationship between Western thought and colonialism and Eurocentric understandings.

  51. Q&A w/ Alexander Dugin | Multipolarity and the Decline of the West

    Discussion with Professor Alexander Dugin, on the subject of Multipolarity and the Decline of the West. 



  52. Exclusive interview with Alexander Dugin By Guancha.cn

    Exclusive interview with Alexander Dugin for Guancha


  53. Russia’s Fight Against Globalism (1/2)

    Alexander Dugin and Pepe Escobar join us to NewRulesPodcast (https://twitter.com/NewRulesGeo) to discuss how the Ukraine conflict has permanently changed Russia and the world. This is part one of our geopolitical super-episode.

  54. Slaying the Dragon of Globalism (2/2)

    Alexander Dugin and Pepe Escobar join the NewRulesPodcast to discuss the crisis of globalism, the multipolar revolution, and the risk of WWIII. This is part two of our geopolitical super-episode.    

  55. مقابلة خاصة للعربية مع المفكر الروسي ألكسندر دوغين والمعروف بعقل بوتين

    مقابلة خاصة للعربية مع المفكر الروسي ألكسندر دوغين والمعروف بعقل بوتين

  56. Rusya Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin'in sağ kolu Aleksandr Dugin A Haber'e konuştu!

    Rusya ve Batı arasındaki gerilim yükselmeye devam ediyor. Konuya ilişkin Putin'in sağ kolu Aleksandr Dugin, A Haber ekranlarına çok özel açıklamalarda bulundu. Dugin, "Rusya Türkiye'nin tarafsız tutum sergilemesine değer veriyor. Ama kendisi de bu durumda tarafsız kalmayı tercih ediyor" ifadelerini kullandı. Öte yandan 3. Dünya Savaşı'na ilişkin de konuşan Dugin, Batı'yı uyararak, "3. Dünya Savaşı bir anlamda başlamış durumda. Sadece bunun ilk aşamasındayız. Bu ise nükleer savaşa dönüşebilir. Nükleer savaşa biz hiçbir zaman bu kadar yakın olmadık. İşte bu bence Batı'nın tam bir sorumsuzluğu. Sadece Batı'nın değil tarafsız kalan ülkelerin bile sorumsuzluğu aşikardır. Ukrayna'ya silah yollamadıkları takdirde nükleer savaş riski de azalmış olacak" dedi.

    Rusya Devlet Başkanı Putin, "Rusya'ya müdahale etmeleri halinde kaderleri, geçmiş dönemlere göre daha trajik olacak. Onların (Batılıların), topraklarındaki hedefleri vurabileceğimiz silahlara sahip olduğumuzu anlamaları gerekiyor." demişti.

    Rusya'nın dünyayı düşündürecek olan füzesi SARMAT aktif hale getirilirken, kıtalararası balistik füze sokağa indirildi. Putin, Avrupa'ya savaşa hazır olun sinyali verirken, Putin'in Saşstratejisti Aleksandr Dugin, A Haber'e kritik açıklamalarda bulundu.


  57. HAZ x DUGIN: Heidegger, Hegel and Marx

    We had a very fruitful conversation about the potentially materialist interpretation of Heidegger's Dasein through Lacan and Žižek.

  58. The Tucker Carlson Encounter Aleksandr Dugin

    Ep. 99  Aleksandr Dugin is the most famous political philosopher in Russia. His ideas are considered so dangerous, the Ukrainian government murdered his daughter and Amazon won’t sell his books.

  59. Alexander Dugin's exclusive interview with GT

    Russia has lost the West, but discovered the rest, Alexander Dugin said in an exclusive interview with GT before Russian President Putin’s state visit to China. He shared why he changed his opinions on China, saying that the more he knows China, the more he admires China.