In Search of the Dark Logos

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“In the book, In Search of the Dark Logos: Philosophico-Theological Outlines, the contemporary Russian philosopher, sociologist, and political scientist Alexander Dugin explores models of thinking alternative to those that have been perceived as “universal” over the course of the Western European philosophical and theological tradition. The author demonstrates that other forms of the Logos are possible and, based on the methodologies pertaining to the ordering of Logological oppositions, are distinctly different from the typical forms of classical European thought. To explain the structure of this “Dark” or “Dionysian” Logos, the author draws on extensive materials from religious, theological, philosophical, mystical, political, and social doctrines – from Plato and Christianity to Heidegger and the “philosophy of chaos”. According to the author, the rebirth of Russian philosophy must begin with the search for the unclear and elusive reality of the new Logos that remains unreachable to straightforward, “frontal” analysis. This book is of interest to a broad circle of readers, particularly students of the Humanities, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, culturologists, and theologians.”