Oceania: The Challenge of Water

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Alexander Dugin, Noomakhia – Oceania: The Challenge of Water

(Moscow: Academic Project, 2018)

"In this volume of the epic of Noomakhia: Wars of the Mind, Alexander Dugin studies the oceanic expanses of the islands of Oceania and the Malay ecumene, a zone which might be called the ‘space of the Great Water’, that of ‘Noological’ or ‘Geosophical Oceania.’ Close to this understanding, according to the author, is the concept of ‘Austronesia’, denoting the linguistic unity of the peoples speaking the language family of the same name and inhabiting the islands and archipelagos stretching from Madagascar to Polynesia. As distinct entities belong to this cultural horizon, this book also examines the two insular poles of the Papuans and the Australian Aborigines. All the territories of Austronesia are treated as bearing enormous importance from the standpoint of preserving the inviolability of these unique, ancient cultures, which have preserved keys to the primordial root layers of humanity.”