Noomachia (Serbia 2018) Lecture 1. Introduction

Длит: 02:03:39

Lecture 1. The introduction.

  1. The Noology as the science of the multiplicity of the human thought.

The philosophic basis of multipolarity.
 The self reflection of cultures and the territory of possible dialogue and polylogue.
The noology is the essential basis of the Theory of Multipolar World and Fourth Political theory.

  1. The noology deals with the multilevel concepts that includes

·      philosophy,
·      history of religions,
·      geopolitics,
·      world history,
·      sociology,
·      anthropology,
·      ethnosociology,
·      the theory of imagination,
·      the phenomenology,
·      the structuralism.

  1. It uses the existential analysis of Heidegger, the traditionalism (Guenon, Evola), the concepts of Bachofen, the structuralism of Dumezil and Levy-Strauss.
  2. The main concept is Nous greek word for Intellect, Intelligence, Mind, Thought, Consciousness. It is united in itself and represents the Human. The Nous is the Human. The thought is a Man. Everything that belongs to human being exclusively is the Thought. All the rest the man shares with others.
  3. The Nous is threefold. It can exist as such it exist as its figures, forms, manifestations. Noology calls these very manifestations Logos.
  4. The basic idea of Noology is: there are three main Logos that include in them countless variants.
  5. The Logos of Apollo. Definition. Light. Verticality. Pure patriarchy. Androcraty. The Gilbert Durand’s concept of regime of diurne. The day, the Heaven. Platonism. The God Father. Law. Straight line. From top to the bottom.
  6. The Logos of Dionysus. Definition. Semilight, dawn, duality, dialectic. Earth and Heaven. Pair. Man and woman. Androgyne. The dance. The rhythm. The circle. The curve.
  7. The Logos of Cybele. The Great Mother. Matriarchy. The Earth and hell. Underworld, Tartarous. Hades. Materialism, growth, progress. From the bottom to top.
  8. The main principle of Noomahia: three Logos are in insoluble conflict, they fight. They fight for the form of Nous that would dominate over culture.

 The fight of three Logos is the key for the inner structure of culture, civilization and identity of society. And the explanation of the intercultural interethnic relations. Noomahia explains everything what is human, and explains how the human explains what is not human.